Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari says doctors have a "license to lie"

The Medical Students for Choice group at Wayne State University invited abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak to their group on November 9, 2007. Prolife students associated with Students for Life of America attended the event and videotaped Hodari's speech. They've posted the majority of the speech online and have also posted a short part of the speech on their website where Hodari says that doctors have a "license to lie" because patients "are more educated between CNN and the internet." He says doctors have a license to lie after explaining how he lies to prevent the boyfriends of women having abortions from being in the room during the abortion. Hodari explained that he says "the state says no" even though he knows there is no state regulation to prevent boyfriends from being in the room with their girlfriend during an abortion.

Students for Life of America also supplied Right to Life of Michigan with a transcript of Hodari's speech which they created.

Besides the numerous faulty statistical claims throughout the rambling, unstructured speech, Hodari noted that he performs abortions on women who are 20 weeks pregnant and their reason for abortion is because their boyfriend left them, he has performed 11 abortions on one woman who continually comes back to his clinic for abortions, says he doesn't wear a mask while performing abortions, washes his hands for less than a minute before performing an abortion and is proud he performs abortions.

Throughout the speech, Hodari continually discussed how rare abortion complications supposedly are. It should be noted that in 2004, a 15-year-old girl from Detroit named Tamiia Russell died after having an abortion at Hodari's Womancare abortion clinic in Southfield. Russell's death from abortion complications was never reported to the Michigan Department of Community Health and Hodari never mentioned Tamiia Russell during his speech.