Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Car trunk abortionist pleads no contest to three felonies

Yesterday long-time Michigan abortionist Michael Roth pleaded no contest to three felonies in Macomb County Circuit Court. The convictions stem from his suspected practice of illegal at-home abortions.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “These convictions should spell the end of his medical license. Unfortunately felonies haven’t always stopped abortionists from working in Michigan in the past.”

Roth’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 7. Roth is still facing other criminal charges including identity theft and possession with intent to deliver the schedule 2 narcotic Fentanyl.

In September 2015 Roth was involved in an accident in West Bloomfield, Mich., when his car struck a 31-year-old man with special needs. Police found medical equipment, controlled substances, and tissue from aborted babies in the trunk of his car. Police found additional evidence during a later search of his home.

Listing said, “Roth is the face of abortion in America. He is just one of many examples of felons, crooks and quacks who continue to work in the abortion industry today.”

Roth stole drugs and equipment from his former employer Angel Ojeda, an abortionist who runs the Eastland Women’s Center in Eastpointe, Michigan. Given Roth’s previous history of performing abortions in women’s homes in 1998 and 1999, it is reasonable to believe he was committing illegal at-home abortions.

The Michigan Board of Medicine suspended Roth’s license on September 13 for a year and fined him $25,000 for unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Right to Life of Michigan released a report in 2012, Abortion Abuses and State Regulatory Agency Failure, including several of Roth’s violations. In addition to his at-home abortions, Roth was disciplined in 2002 for drug-related violations, including prescribing drugs without a license. He was disciplined in 2004 for violating patient consent laws and was accused of falsifying medical records by a former employee and performing illegal late-term abortions.

In 2012 Roth received six months of probation and was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine for Public Health Code violations involving botched abortions.

Listing said, “Planned Parenthood and government officials who support abortion provided the cover that allowed him to operate. Who in their right mind would allow this man to continue to practice for decades after so many violations? Where were those self-proclaimed advocates for women’s health on this?”

Roth’s most recent abortion business, the bizarrely-named Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, was closed in 2014.

The Prolife Omnibus Act in 2012 significantly strengthened oversight of the abortion industry in Michigan. Since passage of the law 16 abortion businesses in the state have closed, many due to substandard practices.

Listing said, “The worst of the worst were quickly driven out of business in Michigan following passage of our Prolife Omnibus Act, but Roth is an example of how dangerous sub-standard abortionists are still out there and allowed to practice.”

Monday, October 9, 2017

Michigan’s Rape Survivor Child Custody Act put to the test

***UPDATE: On October 17 Judge Ross reversed his order and terminated the parental rights of the rapist***

A widely-reported case in Sanilac County has led to the first known court case involving Michigan's Rape Survivor Child Custody Act of 2016. The Act increased legal protection for rape survivors facing child custody cases.

Sanilac County Circuit Court Judge Gregory S. Ross granted joint legal custody of an eight-year-old child to a man convicted of attempted third degree criminal sexual conduct against the child's mother. The mother is challenging the ruling and a hearing is scheduled for October 25.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "This case is exactly why we passed this law. When we became aware of this hole in Michigan law, the need to fill it became glaring."

Prior to passage of the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, termination of parental rights in Michigan involving a child conceived in rape required a felony rape conviction. Felony rape convictions are often difficult to obtain, however.

The Rape Survivor Child Custody Act now allows rape survivors who become pregnant from assault to terminate the parental rights of their attacker under a "clear and convincing" evidence standard without the necessity of a criminal conviction. "Clear and convincing" is the same evidentiary standard used in custody cases involving suspected child abuse or neglect.

The sex offender in this case, Christopher Mirasolo, was convicted in 2008 of attempted rape in a plea deal. He served less than a year in jail. In the eyes of the law, the child was not conceived in rape because Mirasolo was only found guilty of an attempted rape.

Right to Life of Michigan was contacted about the case and the mother was immediately referred to Michigan attorney Rebecca Kiessling. Kiessling was conceived in rape and is an internationally-known prolife speaker. Her organization Save the 1 advocates for legal protection of children conceived in rape, incest, or who have special needs. Kiessling is representing the mother pro bono.

Listing said, "We often get calls asking for legal help in a variety of situations. For this call we had just the right law and the right assistance in place to help this mother facing this terrible legal situation."

The Rape Survivor Child Custody Act came about following Right to Life of Michigan's Compassion Project campaign in 2015 highlighting the issue of rape and abortion. One of the four women who participated in the Compassion Project, Shauna, faced a similar situation. Shauna became pregnant following an assault. Her attacker filed for custody of her daughter to induce Shauna to drop the charges against him. Shauna has worked in other states to change their laws to be more protective of rape survivors.

Kiessling helped connect Right to Life of Michigan with Shauna and other women involved in the Compassion Project. Their stories are also featured in the 30-minute documentary "Life Uninvited," which first aired in January 2016.

The Rape Survivor Child Custody Act was passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in 2016. The Michigan Senate passed it unanimously and the final Michigan House vote was 101 to 4.

Listing said, "It's unfortunate that politics surrounding rape and abortion often results in real women and children with serious issues being ignored. Without Shauna and Rebecca educating people about this issue, the mother in this case could be forced to live with her rapist having legally-protected access to her child."

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mourning Chris MacDonald, a truly special lady

Monday morning Right to Life of Michigan staff received truly terrible news: a staff member had passed away Sunday evening.

Christine MacDonald had served as the manager for our Wayne County Resource Center for nearly 20 years. Chris didn’t really manage the resource center; she was the resource center. Chris passionately worked in her community with a servant’s heart. Her impact on lives will be felt for generations to come.

Chris’ family was very important to her. She was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was always there to serve the affiliates in her area, especially Upper Downriver Right to Life. She was always reaching out to people to share important prolife news and information with them. She was always a willing listener for those who would visit her center. She was active in her community and engaging everyone she met in the cause of honoring life.

Wyandotte is quite far from our Grand Rapids headquarters, yet most of our staff members were very familiar with Chris. Chris frequently sent messages to staff wishing them a happy birthday or to give them kind words before leaving on a vacation. It didn’t take long for people to realize what a genuine person she was.

Chris’ final day on Earth was in service to protecting the lives of innocent children. Sunday was Respect Life Sunday, which meant prolifers in her area were taking part in the annual Life Chain, reaching members of their community with prolife messages. Chris always held an open house at her resource center to welcome and serve the Life Chain participants. Of course the day she died was no exception, and Chris hosted her open house, one final time.

The last thing Chris did was serve her fellow prolifers. That is a perfect tribute explaining who Chris was and the hole she will leave in her community.

Please pray for comfort for Chris’ entire family, as they mourn her sudden passing.

Requiescat in pace, Chris.

Chris’ Obituary & Service Information

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cosmo goes after Michigan prolifers

Pro-abortion writer Jill Filipovic wrote an article for Cosmopolitan yesterday taking prolifers in Michigan to task for not getting engaged in the Flint water crisis, because the crisis appears to have led to an increase in miscarriages.

While the Flint water crisis is a useful tool for framing her point, her main point is really just the common refrain that prolife people aren't really concerned about life; our main motivation in her mind is that we're freaked out by working women. That's ridiculous. Right to Life of Michigan has been run by full-time working women longer than Jill Filipovic has been alive.

Rather than just respond to her real argument—that deep down every prolife person is just prolife because they need to repress women—we'll be good sports and engage her on Flint first. Filipovic lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and so she doesn't have the benefit of knowing details about the situation on the ground.

The most important underlying issue in Flint is that several critical trends have left Flint with half of the current population they had in the 1960s. This economic disaster had led to many ongoing calamities. Right to Life of Michigan simply isn't equipped to confront trends like automation in manufacturing or globalization. Most of the groups involved in assisting Flint in the water crisis aren't directly engaged on those foundational causes either. Nor should they be; they should stay in their lanes of expertise.

The water crisis itself came about because Flint switched their water from Detroit's system to their own river in preparation for using a new, cheaper source. Flint's infrastructure in the city wasn't equipped to handle the change-over, causing lead to leech into the water. Following the crisis there's a raft of criminal accusations involving government officials botching their basic duties to their constituents.

Right to Life of Michigan is not involved in civil engineering, environmental quality, urban planning, or any of the many fields involved in the water crisis. We are not Attorney General Bill Schuette or the Environmental Protection Agency, who are charged with sorting out the mess. None of these important issues involve anything we have educational or legislative experience on.

Is Filipovic right, though? Should we be involved in civil engineering, environmental quality, and urban planning, because failures in those areas have led to a situation that has increased the number of miscarriages in Flint? Let's assume the answer is yes. Our question, then, is why is nobody else ever held to this standard Filipovic wants to apply to us?

If every human life has equal value, organizations involved in Flint ought be to devoting at least some of their time to abortion, using Filipovic's logic. In 2015, the MI Dept. of Health and Human Services reported 1,301 abortions in Genesee County, and 1,081 estimated miscarriages. Miscarriages in Flint are tragic, and there are people working to address them. Abortions are even more tragic because it's purposeful, direct taking of human life, so shouldn't more people focus on that? Why does nobody ever demand civil engineers, environmentalists and urban planners speak out about abortion?

Now, you might object, abortion has nothing to do with getting clean water to the people of Flint. That's basically our entire point, isn't it? But there is an indirect connection that goes the other way. Thousands of abortions have exacerbated the very problem that caused the Flint water crisis. The main reason Flint couldn't afford Detroit's water system is because thousands of taxpayers are missing. A shrinking population is robbing the city of future bond money and other economic growth opportunities, leaving a city government with few good options and human capital to solve so many problems.

Why does nobody ever ask other groups what they are doing about abortion? The Michigan Environmental Council currently lists 63 separate member organizations on their website. What are any of these groups doing about abortion? How many advocacy groups in Michigan are involved in ending abortion? The list is quite small.

Why does nobody ever demand soup kitchens get involved with the American Cancer Society? Diet plays a role in cancer. Why does nobody demand Mothers Against Drunk Driving get involved in heart disease? Heart disease is the leading cause of death of mothers. Why aren't gun control groups involved in Flint? Don't they believe the lives of Flint citizens matter? The American Cancer Society has nothing on Flint on their website. Don't they care that lead is a probable carcinogen?

This is silly. Each of those groups have identified a particular set of problems, and they develop expertise and engage people in those problems. A soup kitchen shouldn't be involved in dealing with manufacturing job losses; their job is to feed the hungry people, even if those people went hungry because they lost their manufacturing job. There's a million other people out there fighting over job creation, but none of them are there handing out soup on Main Street.

The fantastical notion that prolife groups need to become political parties and engage on every policy issue only exists because the issue involved is abortion. Filipovic doesn't want to talk about abortion or basic human rights, because that focuses on the uncomfortable reality that abortion kills human beings using brutal violence. She says it herself in her column, "And so the focus on the fetus gets ratcheted up, and the debate turns on the right to life rather than a woman’s right to her physical self." Abortion is basically indefensible, so the best way to make the case for abortion is to point at someone or something else and hope nobody notices what goes on inside abortion clinics.

Abortion is the number one cause of death in America, if it counted. Abortion has helped to devastate Flint's heavily minority population. In Michigan, Black women have a majority of abortions, 50.5%, even though the state is only 14% Black. More Black lives have been lost to abortions since 1973 than every other cause of death combined. That's appalling. What's Filipovic doing about that? Is she bothered by this racial disparity?

What motivates prolifers? It's no mystery. It's as simple as this: stop killing babies!

Ultimately, nothing we say or do will appease Filipovic or make her write nice things about us, because ultimately we believe every human life has value. Prolifers will never be taken seriously by people who believe unborn children have zero human rights. It's easier for them to picture us as heartless villains than focus on the hearts they stop every day in their own clinics.

Do you remember when prolife presidential candidate Ted Cruz came to Flint to supply the prolife pregnancy centers in town with water to hand out to residents? Pro-abortion groups and media folk savaged Cruz for it. Prolifers are not even allowed to help the very women they claim we want to oppress.

Contrary to the news reported out there in Kenya, Michigan has been absolutely consumed and is still very engaged with the Flint water crisis. That's OK. It's a legitimate public health crisis. Public health groups in Michigan have a duty to be engaged on something that impacts their issues. We'll let more knowledgeable organizations work on their own issues, without demanding they drop their important work on focus on us. As long as abortion remains the number one killer in America, however, can't you agree it deserves at least one group focused on it?

Ultimately this is not about Flint for Filipovic. This is about Filipovic's own mistaken beliefs on what motivates prolife people. If your real argument is that a movement largely run by women really hates women, maybe you are better off talking about something real, like people suffering in Flint because the many organizations and agencies responsible for handling the issue utterly dropped the ball.

Maybe Filipovic should follow Senator Ted Cruz's example and hop on a plane from Kenya, skip New York, and at least do as much for Flint as he did before maligning all prolifers everywhere.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Do You Know Debbie Stabenow?

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow's record puts innocent lives in jeopardy. Below are examples of how her voting record fails to live up the important standard that every human life has value and deserves legal protection. Click on each link to learn more about her record.

PARENTAL CONSENT - Stabenow voted against legislation requiring minor children to receive parental consent before having abortions. She has voted to allow children to be smuggled over state lines to avoid parental consent laws.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD - Stabenow voted against efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and even voted to give them $1 billion in additional taxpayer funds simply because they perform abortions.

FREE SPEECH - Stabenow voted to rescind portions of the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment, potentially criminalizing educational posts just like this.

ABORTION ON DEMAND - Stabenow voted in favor of partial-birth abortions and believes abortion should be legal throughout pregnancy, even during the process of birth.

DOCTOR-PRESCRIBED SUICIDE - Stabenow voted to allow doctor-prescribed suicide in Michigan as Jack Kevorkian was traveling around the state euthanizing people with the eventual goal of performing live experiments on dying patients.

CONSCIENCE RIGHTS - Stabenow voted to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortion-inducing drugs against their will, and voted to force people to purchase insurance plans that cover abortions.

TAX-FUNDED ABORTIONS - Stabenow voted to force prolife people to fund elective abortions with their tax dollars.

FUNDING ABORTION OVERSEAS - Stabenow voted to fund organizations that provide and promote abortions overseas, inclduing organizations engaged in coercive population control programs.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Down syndrome and the abortion debate

A topic that frequently gets overlooked was brought to the attention of many thanks to 60 Minutes. In August they aired a special on how Iceland has almost completely eliminated Down syndrome in their country. In the special they implied this as a huge medical accomplishment and an even bigger advancement for science. What they didn’t tell you was that Down syndrome hadn’t been eliminated: babies with Down syndrome were being killed off through abortion.

Discrimination against people with Down syndrome isn’t new. For years many women have been encouraged by their physicians to have testing while they are pregnant to check for an array birth defects. Often when birth defects are diagnosed the women are pressured to have abortions.

These innocent human beings are being killed without their consent simply because their lives are thought by some to be not worth living. A 1998 study from Wayne State University found that 87% of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome were aborted.

Down syndrome babies aren’t the only ones being targeted. From 2002 to 2010 in the United Kingdom twenty-six children diagnosed with cleft lips or palates—conditions that are correctable by surgery—were aborted because of their disabilities. Those children would have had the opportunity to live out a completely normal life, but instead they were aborted.

While the majority of abortions are done for purely social or economic reasons, the fact that there are high numbers of abortions being done on babies with birth defects raises troubling questions about how we as a society are caring for the most sick and vulnerable.

Disabled individuals, no matter what age or status, are human beings worthy of protection. To say a disabled person is less of a human being diminishes the respect for every human life. The value of life does not depend on looks or abilities. There is innate dignity in every human life.


Monday, September 25, 2017

A look back at 50 years: 1988

This is the fourth entry in a monthly series we’ll be running throughout 2017 looking back at historically significant profile moments in our state’s history.

There's only so many times you can say "no." That's a lesson former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard had to learn the hard way, though not without a tragic cost of human lives.

Michigan's ban on Medicaid-funded abortions is perhaps the most important piece of prolife legislation Right to Life of Michigan has ever initiated. It was also perhaps the most difficult legislation to pass.

In 1977 the U.S. Supreme Court handed down decisions in Maher v. Roe and Beal v. Doe upholding state laws restricting Medicaid-funded abortions. With this new avenue open, Right to Life of Michigan began pushing to end tax-funded abortions in Michigan. It took nearly a decade for us to succeed.

Two large roadblocks were pro-abortion Michigan governors Bill Milliken and Jim Blanchard. They issued a combined 17 vetoes of legislation to end tax-funded abortions. Thankfully the Michigan Constitution has a way for the people to override a governor's veto using citizen-initiated legislation. Citizens can collect enough petition signatures to initiate veto-proof legislation in the Legislature.

In February 1987, Right to Life of Michigan launched the petition drive to end tax-funded abortions. Approximately 192,000 signatures needed to be collected within 180 days in order to initiate the legislation. Our grassroots collected about 460,000 signatures in 83 days. Both the Michigan House and Senate approved the law in June 1987 (Public Act 59), cutting Governor Jim Blanchard out of the picture entirely.

Michigan's law does come with a caveat. Opponents of citizen-initiated legislation can collect their own signatures and force a public vote over the new law. Abortion supports in Michigan collected about 220,000 signatures, putting our new ban on Medicaid-funded abortions on the ballot in 1988. On November 8, 1988, the people of Michigan voted 57% to 43% to retain the ban. The margin of victory was enough to send a loud message to abortion supporters than Michiganders would not tolerate being forced to pay for elective abortions.

The effects of the law are simply awe-inspiring. In 1988 there were 46,747 reported abortions in Michigan. In 1989, with the Medicaid abortion funding ban in place, reported abortions dropped to 36,557. That's more than 10,000 lives saved in a single year! The ban has been in place for more than 28 years now. How many more lives have been saved since then? As many as 280,000? More? The human cost of abortion is so high that simple things like respecting the conscience rights of citizens can also save lives on a gargantuan scale.

Michigan grassroots prolifers should be confident that their actions have saved lives and continue to save lives on a daily basis. If we had given up 50 years ago, then hundreds of thousands of our family members, friends and neighbors would not be with us today. Those missing people would have been killed at taxpayer expense, and nearly all of them are blissfully unaware that Michigan prolifers are the reason they are alive today.

How many more people would be alive today had governors Milliken and Blanchard not stood in the way of the Medicaid-funded abortion ban for nearly a decade? 100,000? That should be a humbling reminder that elections have extremely dire consequences.

In 1989 our ban was challenged in court. Abortion supporters know they can often rely on biased judges to overturn the will of voters. In 1991 a three-judge panel of the Michigan Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to block the ban as unconstitutional. The two judges invented a right to tax-funded abortions in the Michigan Constitution, something even the pro-abortion majority on the U.S. Supreme Court wasn't willing to invent in the U.S. Constitution. The court challenge was ended by the Michigan Supreme Court in 1992 by a 5-2 vote, ensuring the law, the voters, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Michiganders prevailed over the personal whims of two abortion supporters wearing black robes.

Visit our blog in October for our next notable moment in Michigan history in 1990, when Governor Jim Blanchard learned his lesson.

Honoring 50 years of prolife advocacy in Michigan
1972: The Voice of the Unborn
1979: Michigan Citizens for Life
1981: First Media Campaign

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sen. Stabenow's record on funding overseas abortion

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has a long record of supporting efforts to export abortions.

Stabenow has voted numerous times against the Mexico City Policy. The policy prevents tax dollars from going to organizations that provide or promote abortions in foreign countries. The policy was first enacted in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, and has been repealed and reinstated by pro-abortion or prolife presidents since then. Stabenow's most recent vote against the Mexico City Policy was January 28, 2009. President Obama had rescinded the Mexico City Policy and an effort by Congress to restore it failed.

As we pointed out in a earlier post, Stabenow voted against the Kemp-Kasten Amendment in 2007. The law prevents the United States from funding coercive population control organizations overseas that include forced abortions or forced sterilization.

In 2009 the U.S. House voted to exempt the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) from the Kemp-Kasten Amendment. In effect, the language would say it's OK in the case of the UNFPA for taxpayer dollars to go to an organization that has participated in coercive population control in China. In the U.S. Senate an attempt was made to remove the language, but it failed 39-55. Senator Stabenow voted to send tax dollars to the UNFPA.

The UNFPA has been involved in Chinese population control for decades, including publicly praising their efforts. China's one-child policy (now two-child policy) has resulted in numerous gross human rights abuses. For decades Chinese women who became pregnant with a second child were subjected to forced abortions, violence, or heavy fines. The abuses in China continue today. Shortly after taking office President Trump restricted funding to the UNFPA once again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Car trunk abortionist suspended today

Photo courtesy of MI Attorney General's Office
Today 75-year-old Michael Arthur Roth, M.D. had his medical license suspended for one year and had a fine of $25,000 imposed by the Michigan Board of Medicine disciplinary subcommittee due to unlawful possession of a controlled substance. A suspension of more than 6 months and one day requires that the physician retest prior to petitioning to have his license reinstated.

The sanctions follow an incident that occurred two years ago and for which Roth is still facing criminal charges. In September of 2015, Roth was involved in a traffic accident where he hit a special-needs man. Due to the nature of the accident, Roth’s car was impounded by police, and they discovered the bodies of 14 unborn children in containers in Roth’s trunk as well as Fentanyl—a controlled substance. The discovery led to a search of Roth’s home which uncovered still more unlawfully obtained controlled substances.

It is suspected that Roth was performing abortions on patients in at-home settings.

Roth was formally charged by the Attorney General’s office in July of 2016 with possession with intent to deliver schedule 2 narcotic Fentanyl, and six counts of identity theft, and three counts of larceny in a building. Roth’s criminal hearing is scheduled for November 27, 2017.

Roth is no stranger to sanctions and investigations. In 2004 he was disciplined by the Michigan Department of Community Health and given a 6 month probation for violation of duty/negligence. The list of violations—including previous at-home abortions—stretches back to 1997, included failing to keep accurate charts on patients, not requiring blood work before procedures and issuing prescriptions without listing the rationale.

In 2012 Roth was once again under scrutiny. He received another 6 month probation and ordered to pay a $15,000 fine for violating the state Public Health Code.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sen. Stabenow's record on tax-funded abortions

In polls majorities of Americans consistently object to being forced to pay for abortions with their tax dollars.

Besides many votes in favor of tax-funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation's number one abortion provider and promoter, Senator Debbie Stabenow has supported direct taxpayer funding of abortions for a long time.

Debbie Stabenow voted as a member of the Michigan Legislature in 1987 to continue to force taxpayers to fund elective abortions through our state's Medicaid program. The ban on Medicaid abortions passed—over her objection—and was affirmed by 57 percent of Michigan voters in 1988. Abortions in Michigan dropped by 10,190 from 1988 to 1989. The Medicaid abortion ban in Michigan has saved many tens of thousands of lives since 1988, people who would not be alive today if Stabenow had succeeded.

Federally the Hyde Amendment is an annual budget rider that prevents federal taxpayer dollars from paying for most abortions. It's been enacted every year since 1976. Senator Debbie Stabenow has often voted against including the amendment in various forms in numerous pieces of legislation. She voted against including it in Obamacare, forcing taxpayers to pay for elective abortions through health insurance plans in several states.

Senator Stabenow has many other votes involving funding of abortion in different ways and programs:

  • She voted to directly fund abortions in our nation's capital, the District of Columbia, in 1998.
  • She voted to let abortions be performed inside federal prisons in 1999.
  • She voted to cover abortions for federal employees through their health insurance in 2000.
  • She voted to let abortions be performed inside our nation's military hospitals several times, most recently in 2003.
  • She voted to fund abortions through the Indian Health Service in 2008

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Abortion comes first, then come the arguments

Have you ever noticed how simple the prolife message is? Unborn children are human beings, and killing innocent human beings is wrong. Have you ever noticed how convoluted arguments for abortion are? What do violinists and artificial wombs have to do with abortion?

Vox recently published an article about the recent advances in creating an artificial womb. It isn’t used yet on humans, but new experiments are being done on lambs and seeing some success.

The author, Harvard Professor I. Glenn Cohen, considers this scientific development and how it might effect arguments for abortion. He poses the question: “Could anti-abortion laws require pregnant women whose fetuses are not yet viable to transfer the fetus to a nurturing site outside the body, possibly by way of minimally invasive surgery?” Could artificial wombs end the justification for abortion?

According to Cohen, there are three types of parents: gestational parents, legal parents, and genetic parents. He believes a woman can't be forced to be a gestational parent and has the right to stop gestating (carrying) the fetus to term. He also believes laws can’t force legal parenthood on a woman. Artificial wombs counter these two arguments, meaning women don't have to continue gestating children, and the children could be adopted.

Abortion supporters shouldn't worry about artificial wombs, however, because Cohen invents a new right to an abortion: the right to not be a genetic parent. Apparently you have a right to not have people related to you. Who knew? This new right means artificial wombs and the current legal justification of abortion based on viability don't matter. How convenient, right?

The author also brings up the old abortion argument of the violinist. This is a popular argument to support the legalization of abortion, despite being fatally flawed. If you don’t know, this violinist argument is a farfetched scenario where you must imagine waking up being attached to a bunch of machines against your will, and these machines are also attached to a world champion violinist, keeping him alive. Why would a sinister band of concert enthusiasts kidnap you to keep their favorite maestro playing?

The purpose of the argument is to have you think about being in this situation yourself, if you would pull the plug. Pro-abortion people argue that this situation is just like pregnancy in that you are being forced to keep someone alive against your will.

This analogy is irrelevant to reality for several important reasons, most of all that creating your own child through a voluntary act is not like a kidnapped violinist being hooked up to you. This argument creates another distraction—an interesting one at least—from what is really going on: children are being killed in the most brutal fashion.

The supposed right to abortion does not spring out of autonomy, or liberty, or the nature of the child. Do abortion supporters honestly sit down and think up how to deal with the abortion issue first and then apply those principles? Every abortion supporter starts from the place that they don’t want a baby, or someone else shouldn't be burdened with a baby. Then they think up ways to justify the unjustifiable, the same way a child rationalizes stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

Abortion is about dead babies; the arguments are just window-dressing to make the horrendous palatable for our seemingly civilized times.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A look back at 50 years: 1981

This is the third entry in a monthly series we’ll be running throughout 2017 looking back at historically significant profile moments in our state’s history.

Our early leaders had a vision of major media advertising to help bring the prolife message into every home in Michigan. These wouldn’t just be ads for the sake of advertising, but truly memorable and impactful messages. In 1981 our first ads debuted on statewide television. Since then we’ve had many memorable ads.

The favorite of many people is our "Seed" ad. Produced in 1994, the ad contrasts the fullness of life with the emptiness of abortion. We filmed an updated version of "Seed" in 2015.

The most unique ads we’ve produced were a series in the 1990s featuring Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa didn’t just do any old TV ad on request, but she did several for us on the issue of partial-birth abortion that aired in 1997. She did that just a few years after her famous 1994 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where she delivered a bold defense of the unborn child as a valuable member of our human family.

We recently produced our first 30-minute documentary, "Life Uninvited." The documentary grew out of our Compassion Project ads, which featured four women sharing their personal perspective and experiences with the issue of rape and abortion. Rape and abortion is a difficult issue to discuss, but these four women cut through the political noise to shine a light on their own experiences and the value of every child, no matter their circumstances.

Our ads have been critical in educating voters about important issues during election seasons. Two notable examples shine. The first are the series of ads produced in 1997 to oppose the effort to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide in our state. In July of 1998 that legalization effort was beating us in the polls, 46 percent to 42 percent. After weeks of bringing our message to the people of Michigan, the final vote was 71 percent against the suicide measure, and only 29 percent for. Our message decisively moved hundreds of thousands of Michigan voters.

The 2016 election also ended in a surprise result. We aired two TV ads, "Birthdays" and "Start with Life," addressing the issue of abortion and the importance of voting your values no prolife issues. Also accompanying the TV ads was an impactful radio ad, War on the Unborn, taken from the popular YouTube video by Peter Heck. Michigan had not voted for a prolife presidential candidate in a generation, but the state did in 2016, in dramatic fashion.

When presented clearly and compellingly, the prolife message that every human life has value can touch hearts and change minds. Ads that can do that don’t spring out of nothing. Creating them is a team effort, from identifying the need, to crafting a truly compelling message, to sometimes finding the right messenger for the message, to filming, to placing the ads strategically for maximum impact, and to raising the money to accomplish all of these necessary steps.

We have also made the effort over the years to allow our colleagues in other states to use our ads. We believe we’ve inspired many others to produce their own ads to bring the prolife message to their corner of the country.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our most recent ads, as well as some of our classics.

Visit our blog in September for our next notable moment in Michigan history in 1988.

Honoring 50 years of prolife advocacy in Michigan
1972: The Voice of the Unborn
1979: Michigan Citizens for Life

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

First pregnancy help grants address abortions in Detroit

Yesterday Right to Life of Michigan visited three pregnancy centers located in Detroit to award them a total of $8,970 in grants. The grants represent a step towards increasing the prolife movement’s focus on addressing the high abortion rate in the city of Detroit.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "This is a small, but very important step. Abortions continue to decline around the state, but Detroit’s abortion rate remains high. It’s a problem not being addressed, much less talked about."


RLM President Barbara Listing with the staff of Care Net Pregnancy Center Detroit

The grants will address several needs the centers indicated: helping with clients’ transportation costs, improving facility safety, Spanish educational materials, website development, a phone application and advertising. Grantees include Pregnancy Aid, Care Net Pregnancy Center and two of Image of God Crisis Pregnancy Center’s three locations in Detroit.


In 2016 Michigan residents had 25,348 reported abortions; 6,106 of those were Detroit residents. Despite only holding seven percent of the state’s population, Detroit accounts for 24 percent of the state’s abortions. Abortions in Wayne Country are 40 percent of the state’s total. Abortion has a disparate impact on minorities, particularly the Black community. Michigan’s population is 14 percent Black, but Black women had 50.5 percent of the reported abortions in Michigan in 2016.


There are more than 150 locations in Michigan where prolife pregnancy and adoption help agencies provide services, but only a handful are located in the city of Detroit. Many agencies around the state benefit from local Right to Life of Michigan affiliates who continue to provide volunteers to them or help with their material or advertising needs. Currently the city of Detroit has no Right to Life of Michigan affiliate within the city limits. Right to Life of Michigan will continue to develop new plans and additional actions to address abortions in Detroit and educate people about this ongoing problem.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Announcing a new initiative addressing abortions in Detroit

Mark your calendar to join Right to Life of Michigan for a teleseminar announcing a new initiative to address abortions in the city of Detroit! The teleseminar is Wednesday, August 30, at 10:30 a.m.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing and Administrative Associate for Multicultural Outreach Tina Teifer will introduce the new initiative and provide you with details. This new initiative is the first step to increase our focus on the persistently high abortion rates in Detroit; 40 percent of reported abortions on Michigan residents happen in just Wayne County.

Listen in to be the first to hear this announcement!

RLM Conference Director Natalie Collins will also join us to give a brief preview of our 44th Annual Conference on September 21 in Kalamazoo.

The teleseminar will last about 30 minutes and is open to all prolife people, so please feel free to share this information.

There are two ways for you to listen in:

Use your phone and call (425) 440-5010; PIN Code: 662744#
 Or, listen via the Internet: https://iTeleseminar.com/100930818

We are looking forward to speaking with you Wednesday, August 30, at 10:30 a.m.!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sen. Stabenow's record on conscience rights

Conscience rights and religious liberty are a founding principle of the United States. They have long been protected, whether it's the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment or the tradition of exempting conscientious objectors from military service. Where does Debbie Stabenow stand on conscience rights that involve prolife issues?

Forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortions

On March 22, 2013, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) offered an amendment to a budget resolution that would have stopped the Obama Administration's HHS Mandate. The mandate requires employers and individuals to pay for drugs and procedures that may cause abortions by listing those methods as "preventative health services." Debbie Stabenow voted against this amendment and the Fischer Amendment failed by a vote of 44 to 55.

This vote forced the Little Sisters of the Poor—a Catholic religious order of women dedicated to caring for the elderly poor—to seek a court order to prevent themselves from being forced to spend precious resources on purchasing abortion-inducing drugs. Numerous other organizations and individuals also filed in court to protect their conscience rights from the HHS Mandate.

In 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores that the HHS Mandate violated federal law involving closely held-corporations. The Little Sisters of the Poor are not a closely-held corporation, however, and their court case continued until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in 2016 in Zubik v. Burwell to require the Obama Administration to fix the HHS Mandate to protect the conscience rights of the Little Sisters and other nonprofit groups. Following the 2016 election the Trump Administration has promised to restore the conscience rights of the Little Sisters of the Poor and others.

Forcing everyone to purchase health care plans that include free abortions?

When the ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores was handed down, Debbie Stabenow and other senators sought to change federal law to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and others to purchase health insurance plans that cover drugs that may cause abortions. On July 16, 2014, the U.S. Senate took up S. 2578, which would have given the Obama Administration authority to supersede every federal law and conscience protection to force people to purchase any "preventative health service" they mandate. The bill would include superseding the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayers from being forced to directly pay for abortions, meaning the bill would have allowed the Obama Administration to force every insurance plan in the country to cover abortions for "free"—even late-term abortions—or doctor-prescribed suicide. Stabenow voted for S. 2578, but the bill failed to reach the 60-votes necessary to end debate.

Supporting coercive population control organizations

Since 1985 the Kemp-Kasten Amendment has prevented the United States from funding coercive population control organizations overseas that include forced abortions or forced sterilizations. For example, George W. Bush's administration restricted taxpayer funding to the United Nations Population Fund when it was revealed they were complicit in cooperating with China's One-Child Policy that involves forced abortions and sterilizations. In 2007 an attempt was made to weaken the Kemp-Kasten language in a Senate appropriations bill. On September 6, 2007, an amendment was approved to restore the Kemp-Kasten protections by a vote of 48 to 45. Debbie Stabenow opposed this effort to protect the human rights of individuals overseas and American taxpayers from being forced to help engage in coercive population control programs.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Michigan’s Safe Delivery law continues to save babies’ lives

On Monday the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced that the 200th infant has been surrendered under Michigan’s Safe Delivery of Newborns Act since 2001.

Michigan’s Safe Delivery law allows mothers to legally and confidentially surrender unharmed newborns to emergency service providers up to 72 hours after birth. An emergency service provider is defined as an on-duty employee of a fire department, hospital or police station.

The law was passed in response to a disturbing trend of young mothers abandoning their newborn babies in a number of dangerous places, leading to their tragic death.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Some of these 200 infants would have ended up facing tragic fates. This prolife law has given them a chance at life along with the beautiful opportunity to be adopted into loving families.”

The Act was originally championed by State Representative Patty Birkholz and passed the Michigan Legislature by unanimous votes. It was signed into law in 2000 by Governor John Engler. In 2006 the act was updated to include responding emergency medical technicians and paramedics as emergency service providers.

Listing said, “Continuing to publicly talk about this law is critical to make sure the abandonment trend doesn’t happen again. We need to help our young women and teens be better informed about this law.”

Additional educational and promotional materials about the Safe Delivery law can be found on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jamerian Bennett passed away

We're very heartbroken to update you that Jamerian Bennett passed away on August 12 following a sudden brain hemorrhage. Thank you if you took the time to assist his case in any way.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Praying for Jamerian Bennett

UPDATE: Jamerian passed away on August 12. Please remember his family in your prayers.

Jamerian Bennett is a tough 9-year-old child fighting for his life at University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital. His mother, Brandee, is asking for prayer in their effort to find the care he needs.

We first became aware of Jamerian's case after WXYZ in Detroit published a story comparing Jamerian to Charlie Gard. Charlie died recently after the British hospital declared his life "futile" and refused to allow his parents to take him to another hospital willing to treat him. At the time it seemed a similar situation may be happening with Jamerian.

Jamerian's lungs have failed following pneumonia and a bad reaction to medication, leaving him on a lung bypass machine so his body can have oxygen. He is currently conscious but unable to speak; his condition is serious and he may need a lung transplant.

Jamerian's mother Brandee is as much as a fighter as he is, and when his situation was unsure, she went to bat for his care. After WXYZ began reporting on his case, a lawyer offered free pro-bono help to the Bennett family. Currently they are working on getting a transfer in place to an out-of-state facility that specializes in pediatric lung conditions.

Would you please consider taking a moment to pray for him and others in his situation? The family and the hospital need to work out details for a transfer and then Jamerian must make the arduous trip. If he needs a lung transplant he may have to wait for some time.

His case should be a lesson for us all. The most important thing for every person is to have a committed patient advocate like Brandee who will fight for you. After praying take a moment to consider setting up a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare to make sure your wishes will be fought for.

We will continue to monitor Jamerian's case and offer updates, hopefully positive and soon! If you'd like updates on him you can follow his care group on Facebook.

Friday, August 4, 2017

It will be safe, they said. It will be legal, they said. It will be rare, they said...

It has been nearly nine months since prolife President Donald Trump won the election. Since taking office he has fulfilled several important promises to the prolife movement. He appointed an outstanding justice to the Supreme Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch. His strong prolife stand combined with sustained progress in a large number of states has confounded pro-abortion Democrats, making them worry about their future prospects.

A few months ago Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez said that they would not be supporting prolife Democratic candidates in 2018. This came after Senator Bernie Sanders supported a Omaha mayoral candidate, Heath Mello, who voted for some prolife bills in the past. After being attacked by his own party and forced to promote his abortion bona fides, Mello lost his race. That's where the national party stands.

Just a few days ago Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Ben Ray Lujan says that prolife Democrats in conservative districts will get funding from them in the next election cycle. He said they need to broaden their base. That's where the campaign arm of the Democrats in the U.S. House stands.

The indecision on how to handle prolife candidates in the Democratic Party is starting to cause a major divide. A recent opinion piece in the New York Times by feminist author Lindy West addresses the controversy by calling for abortion to be a litmus test for every Democratic candidate.

She wrote, "But to be anti-choice on a policy level is absolutely indefensible from an economic justice, racial justice, gender justice and human rights standpoint. And if the Democratic Party does not stand for any of those things, then what on earth is it?"

For ma long time the Democratic Party has prided itself as standing up for the little guy. There is no littler guy or gal than the innocent unborn child in the womb, though. Human rights has no standpoint if some humans have rights and others don't.

West wasn't finished. In the past West promoted the "Shout Your Abortion" social media campaign, which involves women bragging about past abortions. In her article she wrote, "abortion is normal. Abortion is common, necessary and happening every day."

This is quite different from the original explanation for how Democrats should view abortion: "safe, legal and rare."

There is nothing normal about abortion. There is nothing normal about taking forceps and yanking all four limbs off of a child. There's nothing normal about then using the forceps to crush her body, and then finally crush her skull. While it's typical for an abortionist to know they have succeeded when they see the baby's brain matter leaking out of the womb, there's nothing close to normal about that. Dismemberment abortions may be performed every day in America, but they are abhorrently abnormal.

This is why we work so hard every day to further educate people on what abortion really is, and have them see for themselves that abortion is not normal.

West backed up her claim by saying that 75% of Democrats believe that abortion should be legal in all cases. Here's the truth. Gallup did a poll in May that found that 68% of Americans want abortion to be illegal or legal only under certain circumstances. A tiny minority of Americans support the status quo of abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnant.

People really don’t think that abortion is normal or necessary in all circumstances. Unborn babies are discriminated against every day because of their size, or if they have a birth defect. Women in urban areas like Detroit are being targeted by abortion mills. The numbers are appalling.

West also states that "abortion is liberty." Abortion is not liberty. Abortion is not freedom. Without a right to life, your inalienable rights to liberty or the pursuit of happiness are empty.

While it's sad to see on a personal level, the prolife movement should look forward to abortion supporters be frank about their views for the first time in the debate. We know abortion endures because of the euphemisms abortion supporters use. The American people only tolerate legalized abortion because they can pretend it happens somewhere else in the shadows.

Abortion is directly impacting all of our lives, just as it is now impacting party politics. It is important that all political parties support all candidates who are willing to stand up for the right to life: our future depends on it.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sen. Stabenow's record on doctor-prescribed suicide

Sen. Debbie Stabenow has long been a supporter of doctor-prescribed suicide. Doctor-prescribed suicide involves doctors being legally allowed to dispense lethal doses of drugs to patients so that they can commit suicide.

While a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Stabenow voted against the Pain Relief Promotion Act of 1999. The bipartisan bill would have done two important things to clarify a federal drug law, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The bill would have clarified that the CSA allows adequate use of pain control medications in patients, and that the CSA does not allow federally-controlled substances to be prescribed in lethal dosages with the intent of killing a patient.

In her time in the Michigan State Legislature Stabenow voted against banning doctor-prescribed suicide. Michigan's 1998 law prohibiting the practice has a truly unique history that must be remembered for context.

From 1990 to 1998 Jack Kevorkian participated in a string of killings involving a claimed 130 patients, the vast majority of whom were not terminally ill. Some of his victims had no diagnosed disease at all. In 1998 Kevorkian euthanized 52-year old Thomas Youk and filmed the killing for CBS's 60 Minutes. Kevorkian was later convicted of second-degree murder in the death.

Kevorkian's goal was to allow the practice of human vivisection in order to serve his macabre fascination with the point of death. Vivisection (nicknamed "obitiatry" by Kevorkian) is medical experimentation on a living being. Kevorkian hoped he would be able to experiment on suicidal people and convicts. In his book, "Prescription Medicine," Kevorkian described his eventual goal:

"But knowledge about the essence of human death will of necessity require insight into the nature of the unique awareness of or consciousness that characterizes cognitive human life. That is possible only through obitiatric research on living human bodies, and most likely centering on the nervous system…on anesthetized subjects [to] pinpoint the exact onset of extinction of an unknown cognitive mechanism that energizes life."

It was in these years of intense controversy that repeated efforts to ban his work were undertaken, including the eventual ban on doctor-prescribed suicide enacted in 1998. Stabenow opposed this effort to stop Kevorkian's killings. The Michigan voters had the final say when they turned back a referendum later in 1998 to legalized doctor-prescribed suicide by a vote of 71 to 29 percent.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New resources on end of life care

How do I protect my wishes? What is a living will? What about declining unwanted treatment? These and other questions frequently make end of life care a difficult topic.

People don't like to dwell on their own mortality. It's critical we face these questions for two reasons, however:

1) Most of us or our loved ones will face these situations ourselves.
 2) Euthanasia and suicide promotion are making these public issues.

In the past, the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund had several brochures for sale dealing with these issues. Now we have two brochures that cover these questions and they are available for free for download.

"End of Life Care: Advanced Directives" looks in-detail at various advanced directives and which are best for protecting patients' rights and wishes. "End of Life Care: Positive Care or Euthanasia Pitfall?" discusses three important aspects frequently involving end of life care: hospice, pain management, and medically-assisted feeding of food and water.


Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Youth Infographic Contest winners

Right to Life of Michigan would like to congratulate all of our participants in the 2017 Youth Infographic Contest!

The 2017 winner is Lucy Bratton. Her graphic on prolife feminism is at the bottom of the post. Congratulations Lucy! Our runners-up were Emma Klein, whose graphic compared adoption to abortion, and Emilee TenElshof, whose graphic was on post-abortion issues.

This year featured three great finalists. From July 17 to July 30 we shared their graphics on Facebook, and encouraged people to like and share them to help boost their scores. This year they were able to reach a combined 77,640 people! That is a huge audience utilizing a simple thing like an infographic.

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. In the age of social media, infographics are a very useful tool to display information in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our three finalists proved this year how effective a single one can be.

Please consider entering or promoting our 2018 contest next summer! This contest is a great way for youth to get involved in the prolife movement and make a difference with their message. The contest is open to all Michigan prolife youth ages 13 to 22.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A look back at 50 years: 1979

This is the second entry in a monthly series we'll be running throughout 2017 looking back at historically significant prolife moments in our state's history.

1979 was a big year for our organization.

Just as Right to Life of Michigan was born of grassroots groups and individuals coming together around the country, so too was the coalition of states that came together under the banner of the National Right to Life Committee. Many state right to life groups didn't have the term "right to life" in their names at first. Many groups used the "citizens for life" moniker, including Michigan. Some groups still use their original names today, for example, Massachusetts Citizens for Life or Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

As anyone who has worked in the prolife movement for some time will tell you, many in the general public just call every prolife group "right to life." In keeping with our broader identity as a movement, the leaders of Michigan Citizens for Life changed our name to Right to Life of Michigan. It's under that name that we've build decades of credibility as a nationally-recognized force in our areas of activity: education, legislation, and political action.

1979 was also pivotal in building the credibility we have today. We were involved in state legislation as Michigan Citizens for Life before 1979, but it was creating a dedicated legislative office in Lansing that allowed us to truly harness our grassroots efforts.

Back then our legislative office had little influence. If you look at our list of prolife laws in the state, you'll notice very few victories in the early 1980s. Building credibility is a difficult thing to do, but we've done it through those three legs of our prolife stool: education, legislation, and political action. Each activity mutually complements the other two

It's through education that we are able to move many in the public from apathy to advocacy for the unborn. It creates citizens lobbyists who will call the legislature when a critical issue is up for a vote. They keep the voting record of legislators in mind when it's time to head to the polling booth.

Our legislative office today is staffed by three people, including two lobbyists. Our Lansing team closely monitors legislative situations and are able to educate and engage the grassroots in action when needed. They routinely meet with legislators of both parties and differing views on abortion, educating them when opportunities arise. They host an annual Legislative Day that brings prolife legislators and the grassroots together.

The power of many lobbyists in Lansing or Washington, D.C. depends heavily on money or connections. The power of our advocacy in the halls of government depends entirely on the expertise of our lobbyists, who are backed by our grassroots members. Our organization is unparalleled in Michigan today. For example, Right to Life of Michigan is the only organization in the state that can consistently put issues on the ballot through petition drives without having to hire people to collect signatures.

After many years the legislative victories began materializing, and abortions began dropping. From their high of nearly 50,000 in 1987, abortions in Michigan are down 46.2 percent overall. Prolife laws save lives!

Visit our blog in August for our next notable prolife moment in Michigan history in 1981.

Honoring 50 years of prolife advocacy in Michigan
1972: The Voice of the Unborn

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Remember when Renee Chelian tried to turn abortion into a standup comedy routine?

Back in 2014 the longtime owner of Northland Family Planning (a chain of abortion clinics in Southeast Michigan), Renee Chelian, was caught saying that she has five months’ worth of dead babies in rented freezers. Her abortion industry colleagues laughed when she said, "I was so consumed with fetal tissue that I was ready to drive to Upper Michigan to have a bonfire."

These abortion providers are so hardened that the thought of a truckload of dead babies makes them laugh. Sick!


Chelian even took it one step further, saying, "We were really tempted to give the fetus back." She is heard saying in the audio, "Um, we thought, we’ll give it to everybody in a gift bag – they can take it home, figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy, and why is this our problem?"

These remarks are beyond disturbing, especially since she tries to claim that she serves and cares for women.

The abortion industry is ultimately interested in abortion, not the patients' well-being. These woman need help and support from their community. They most certainly do not deserve negligent doctors.

All of this came about because Chelian was complaining about a 2012 law in Michigan that requires abortion providers to be in compliance with basic medical waste disposal regulations. The abortion industry is poorly run, so having to follow a basic safety procedure can often end in a closed abortion facility.

Eventually Chelian hired someone from another abortion clinic to take the dead babies off her hands to dispose of them. What comes out of the back of an abortion clinic isn't medical waste, but literally dead babies.

Northland Family Planning does approximately one quarter of the 25,000 or so annual abortions in Michigan. They do abortions until 24 weeks, past the earliest point of viability. Chelian's business is one of the top abortion providers in the state.

These practices are alarming and help us fully comprehend just what the abortion industry is. These children do not deserve to be frozen in a freezer, burned in a bonfire, or the butt end of cruel mockery—they deserve their chance at life.

The Cost of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton

The next vacancy to the U.S. Supreme Court could happen at any moment. This vacancy could potentially change the course of millions of lives.

It's thought that there is currently a 5 to 4 split on the Court in favor of upholding Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Given the ages of the justices it's possible the next vacancy could spell the end of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. A reversal would end abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy and allow states and voters to participate in the democratic process once again on the issue of abortion.

Prolife people are well aware of the poor legal reasoning the Court used in 1973 to dictate a radical abortion policy to all 50 states. It's important that the American people understand that too, but we must never lose sight of the human cost of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

Since those two cases were dictated by the Court in 1973 our best estimate is 56 million abortions have taken place since then. 56 million.

How can we quantify such an extreme loss of life?

  • It's equivalent to erasing 25 states. 
  • Observing a 15-second moment of silence for each child killed by abortion since Roe and Doe would last 26 years. 
  • Arlington National Cemetery is 624 acres and contains about 400,000 graves; to bury the unborn lost to abortion would require a cemetery that takes up 136 square miles, more than twice the size of Washington, D.C.
  • We lose more children to abortion in a single year than we've lost American soldiers to combat from 1775-2017.
  • Abortion takes more lives every year than cancer or heart disease.
  • For the Black community abortion has taken more lives than EVERY single cause of death combined since 1973.
  • We've erased $3 trillion in annual productivity from our economy.

Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton aren't just legal injustices. They are more than the grave personal injustices to the unborn children whose lives have been taken so brutally. They are an ongoing national disaster of incomparable proportions.

For prolife people, the next U.S. Supreme Court nomination is not just a fight to restore basic fairness to the court and our democratic process. It's a choice between an opportunity to save a countless number of lives or allowing another generation or two to be decimated.