Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What does Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump, the FBI, Russian spies, David Daleiden and fake news all have in common?

Fusion GPS. Let us explain.

Since we've been around for 50 years now in one form or another, we have a long memory here at Right to Life of Michigan. This gives us the opportunity to revisit stories, and especially predictions from abortion supporters made long ago. Unfortunately our 24-hour news cycle means outlandish claims and falsehoods of abortion supporters are quickly forgotten with nobody but us to correct, often way after most people stopped paying attention. Sometimes you ask yourself, why bother?

This story was just too good and way too bizarre not to mention again.

Out of today's news regarding FBI Director James Comey's testimony to the U.S. Senate it came to greater attention that the group Fusion GPS is facing accusations of working with Russian intelligence. Specifically, they are accused of helping promote an intelligence dossier widely cited in the press making lurid claims about President Donald Trump. You can read more about that story (mostly unrelated to us) in a letter Senator Chuck Grassley sent to Director Comey, and this article from the Daily Caller about Fusion GPS's Russian ties.

This revelation matters to us because the very same Fusion GPS is the group that Planned Parenthood used to analyze the videos created by the Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden showing Planned Parenthood's schemes to sell the body parts of aborted babies.

The media widely reported that the report debunked the Planned Parenthood undercover videos. There are several extremely troubling problems with that, however:

  1. If you read the actual report, there is nothing in there about doctored or fake footage. The report didn't say anything of substance.
  2. Many reporters therefore didn't read the report, or didn't care, working under deadline pressure and/or being friendly to Planned Parenthood.
  3. Nobody really asked who wrote the report. Who is Fusion GPS? It was never explained who they were or what their qualifications were. Just look at their website, does this look like a legitimate organization? Now we know they may have worked with hostile intelligence services. The media utterly failed to do basic reporting here on their credibility.
  4. Planned Parenthood paid for the report themselves, of course it would say what they wanted it to say.
  5. Millions of people uncritically read the news, accepting it on faith that the videos were fake, when they are very much real and full footage is available for all of the videos.
  6. The purpose of pushing this report was for Planned Parenthood to deceive their own supporters and give them an excuse not to watch. Planned Parenthood's public relations model is to leave their supporters in the dark about their activities.
Time and time again, the media can be counted on to fail to do due diligence when it comes to the abortion industry. The 2016 election and salacious rumors about Russian involvement generated this whole meme of "fake news." Planned Parenthood and their effort with Fusion GPS to hide their human organ trafficking is the very definition of fake news.

Did we mention how bizarre this all is?

Planned Parenthood gets away with this all the time. Live Action just released a video showing the stark contrast between what Planned Parenthood's supporters say about their clients and what Planned Parenthood actually says to them.

The unfortunate reality of all this is the next time Planned Parenthood comes out with an outlandish claim, most of the media is just going to run with it anyway, even if it's fake news conjured up by Russian intelligence assets.

For abortion in our society, it's not about the truth or reality, but the convenient stories we tell ourselves to ignore the fact we're taking the lives of our own children on an industrial scale. We even spin stories to distract from the fact we're selling their body parts to grease the skids of this monstrous machinery of death.