Wednesday, July 25, 2007

LifeBeat for July 28, 2007

Musician and songwriter Larry Hover discusses his song "Celebrate that Baby." The song is designed to celebrate human life, born and unborn. The proceeds from the sale of this prolife song will be donated to Right to Life of Michigan. To learn more about this song, you can visit Larry's website,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life Facts - Singapore facility halting research using embryonic stem cells for lack of success

ES Cell International (ESI) opened in Singapore seven years ago to draw scientists in hopes of establishing itself as a biomedical hub. Alan Colman, a stem cell pioneer who helped clone 'Dolly the sheep', and former chief executive of ESI halted research on human embryonic stem cell therapies because of lack of interest on the part of investors. "The likelihood of having products in the clinic in the short term was vanishingly small," said Alan Colman. Robert Lanza, vice president for R&D at Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Massachusetts said, "What the field badly needs is one or two success stories."

While investors are pulling out of hESC research, successful therapies are happening as we speak using adult stem cells. Policy makers who spend taxpayers' money should expect a return on their investment. Time is money and it is better spent on substantiated, undisputed ethical lines of research - namely, non-embryonic stem cells.

For more information:
Science, July 2007: Vol. 317. no. 5836, p. 305

Thursday, July 19, 2007

LifeBeat for July 21, 2007

Amanda Peterman, Life Media Project Coordinator for Right to Life of Michigan, discusses Right to Life of Michigan's online efforts to educate the public about prolife issues and reach out to women in unplanned pregnancies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Undercover news team exposes a Michigan abortionist breaking the law

Last week, WDIV, a television station in Detroit, aired a three part story on an abortionist in Detroit who is performing abortions for a low price ($150) six days a week in a messy rundown building.

The first part of the story features an interview with a woman whose cousin recently had an abortion at this abortionist's clinic and experienced complications. The second part takes a hidden camera into the squalid office and reveals the abortionist is breaking some of Michigan's prolife laws including Michigan's informed consent and parental consent laws. The third part delves into the doctor's past and reviews the information in the previous two parts of the story.

Friday, July 13, 2007

LifeBeat for July 14, 2007

Amanda Peterman, Life Media Project Coordinator for Right to Life of Michigan, discusses Right to Life of Michigan's prolife educational work through media. Broadcast television, radio, print and internet advertisements have been used to spread the prolife message throughout Michigan.

Friday, July 6, 2007

LifeBeat for July 7, 2007

Ed Rivet, Legislative Director for Right to Life of Michigan, discusses the Legal Birth Definition Act and provides an update on what is happening with this legislation. This legislation would prohibit partial-birth abortion in Michigan but was unfortunately recently ruled unconstitutional by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.