Monday, June 22, 2009

Detroit News reporter Kim Kozlowski get embryo research facts wrong

In her article on the Embryo Research & Fertility Clinic Transparency Act, Detroit News reporter got a couple of basic facts wrong.

She claims the act is “a six-bill package introduced by Republican lawmakers” when two of the lead sponsors of the six-bill package are Democratic senators.

She also claims that Proposal 2 “allow(ed) research into potential therapies and possible cures” and “lift(ed) restrictions on stem cell research.” Proposal 2 did neither. Embryonic stem cell research had been taking place in Michigan since 2002. Proposal 2 allowed researchers in Michigan to experiment on and kill human embryos who were created for the purpose of fertility treatments.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Human Embryo Research Transparency Requested

In Michigan, the passage of Proposal 2 by a narrow margin in 2008 left many questions regarding human embryonic stem cell research in its wake.

To answer those questions, Democratic and Republican lawmakers have come together to introduce the Embryo Research and Fertility Clinic Transparency Act. The Embryo Research Transparency Act consists of several bills that would codify the wording of Proposal 2 into Michigan law. The package will fulfill the promise of its supporters that no human embryos will be created specifically for destructive research or be bought or sold for monetary value. The legislation would ban the creation of human-animal hybrids and amend the current ban on creating cloned human embryos to prevent trafficking of cloned humans into Michigan. The legislation would also require researchers and fertility clinics to file an annual report to ensure transparency, as well as require informed consent for parents before donating the human embryos.

This package consists of several bills that would codify the wording of Proposal 2 into Michigan law. The bills will not reverse any portion of Proposal 2. The purpose of this legislation is not to impose government regulation, but to add transparency. There are currently no federal or Michigan laws that govern the research and no procedures in place for enforcing violations of Proposal 2. For the first time in Michigan history, a population of human beings will be classified as “research material” and destroyed for their parts. Without setting reasonable policies in place, we face a wide-open field with great potential for abuse.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "While we disagree with a form of research that destroys human life, if such research is to be conducted, strict guidelines and protection against further abuse are necessary. Supporters of Proposal 2 said that there would be careful oversight of research to prevent any abuses, we intend to make sure their promises are kept in Michigan law."


Monday, June 15, 2009

Lansing State Journal features story on adult stem cell success

On June 12, the Lansing State Journal featured a story on how adult stem cells from the bone marrow of a man from Texas were used to successfully treat a Michigan man suffering from leukemia. Donor Ronnie Kirby and recipient Andy Case have become friends and recently attended an event at Michigan State University to encourage individuals to sign up for the bone marrow registry.
Dr. Kenneth Schwartz, an oncologist and hematologist at the MSU College of Human Medicine who treated Case, said it is important to expand the donor pool, especially among minorities who are under-represented among potential donors.

Currently, seven of 10 people needing a transplant must rely on an unrelated donor for a suitable match, according to the Bone Marrow Foundation. Until about a decade or so ago, surgeons mostly extracted the marrow from a donor's hip while the patient was under anesthesia. Now, in most cases, doctors extract stem cells in a relatively noninvasive process and use the cells to cultivate the marrow.

To learn more about stem cell research, visit Right to Life of Michigan's stem cell web site,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Sure Health Reform Doesn’t Mean More Abortions

As Congress plans to work on health care reform legislation, Right to Life of Michigan will be working with the National Right to Life Committee to monitor proposed health care reform bills to insure that abortion isn’t part of health care reform. There is some concern among prolife groups in Washington, D.C., that abortion advocates may try to use health care reform legislation as a stealth way of forcing health insurance companies to cover abortion. Right to Life of Michigan is committed to making sure abortion does not become part of mainstream health care reform.

From campaign statements, Right to Life of Michigan knows President Obama views “reproductive health care” as an “essential service” and wants it to be included in his public health care plan. Right to Life of Michigan also knows that the Obama administration believes that “reproductive health includes access to abortion” because that’s what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently told the United States House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Right to Life of Michigan will be using its web site ( and e-mail lists to let members and supporters know when health care reform legislation is introduced.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter to the Grand Rapids Press regarding an AP article on George Tiller's Murder

The following letter was submitted to the Grand Rapids Press:

An Associated Press article featured in the June 1, 2009, edition of the Grand Rapids Press entitled, "Abortion provider's slaying denounced, praised" failed to provide an example of who "praised" the killing of abortionist George Tiller. Mainstream prolife groups across the country have condemned this murder.

Thankfully, the article did note that prolife groups have denounced this tragic act of violence. Right to Life of Michigan is saddened by the unjustified killing of any human being, including George Tiller. Killing abortion providers is not a prolife act. True prolife organizations recognize that the life of every human being is precious and worthy of legal protection.

The article also falsely claimed that Tiller's abortion clinic was one of only three abortion clinics in the nation where abortions are performed past 21 weeks. This is obviously false as there are at least 4 abortion clinics in Michigan, including the main abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, which advertise that they perform abortions after 21 weeks. According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, there were 132 abortions performed in Michigan in 2007 which were past the 20th week of gestation.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tell Congress: "Abortion is not health care!"

As Congress works to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill by July 31, we need to make sure that health care reform legislation doesn’t make abortion a mainstream health care service. Abortion is not health care. It is a procedure which intentionally takes the life of an innocent human being.

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We are saddened by the killing of Dr. George Tiller

While the circumstances surrounding the killing of Dr. George Tiller are still under investigation, violence against another human being saddens Right to Life of Michigan. Dr. Tiller was known for performing late-term abortions in Kansas. To counter violence with violence is against the principles of Right to Life of Michigan. True respect and dignity for human life dictates a right to life for all people regardless of whether they share our prolife views.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “We have always opposed, and will continue to oppose, actions that are contrary to the law. What has been proven by science is the truth that human life begins at conception. Each human life is deserving of our respect. We prove our prolife position by lawfully helping women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and by extending our help to women who are suffering from a past abortion, not by killing abortion providers.”

Right to Life of Michigan has worked diligently through education and legislation to bring abortion to an end in Michigan. Listing said, “Abortion never needs to be the only choice offered to women in need. Right to Life of Michigan is working throughout the state to ensure that women know people are willing to support and assist those who are struggling with an untimely or crisis pregnancy.”