Thursday, September 17, 2009

“Abortion is always out of fashion!”

A brewery in Grand Rapids recently informed charity organizers that their brewery wouldn’t participate in a fashion show fundraiser for America’s #1 abortion provider.
After angry calls and letters started pouring in, Founders President Mike Stevens told organizers this week they had to switch to another local, and less controversial, charity. Kids Food Basket, which provides meals for local students, was selected.

"Our goal is simple, make the best beer we can and focus on that and that only," Stevens said in a written statement.

Rockford resident Amy Oatley said she was among those who objected to Planned Parenthood's involvement in the event. She said she sent e-mails to the show's organizers protesting their choice because it goes against her anti-abortion beliefs.

"When I heard you were going to tie this in with raising funds for Planned Parenthood, the country's leading abortion provider, I said no thanks!" Oatley told the group. "Abortion is always out of fashion!"