Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rick Snyder keeps deceiving the public about being a "pro-life" candidate

In another op-ed for the Grand Rapids Press, gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder claims he is a “strong pro-life” candidate, is “strongly committed to the rights of the unborn,” looks forward to “being a strong voice for life” and believes in “protecting the dignity and rights of others.”

This is the same Rick Snyder who gave $2,000 to Cure Michigan in October of 2008. Cure Michigan was the organization behind Proposal 2, a campaign which legalized the killing of unborn human embryos for research purposes.

Where was Rick Snyder’s commitment to the rights of the unborn when he wrote that check?

Where was Rick Snyder’s belief in “protecting the dignity and rights of others” when he gave a sizable amount of money to an organization committed to erasing the dignity and rights of some unborn human beings?

Instead of “being a strong voice for life,” Rick Snyder financially supported an organization whose sole goal was to legalize lethal experiments on vulnerable human beings. Instead of using his voice to defend these human beings when it counted, Rick Snyder used his checkbook to help keep them silent.