Monday, August 2, 2010

Pro-choice columnist: Right to Life of Michigan knows what they're doing

Brian Dickerson, a Detroit Free Press columnist who favors legal abortion, notes in his column on Sunday how Right to Life of Michigan PAC's knows the importance of the primary election and local political races.
The organization has identified anti-abortion candidates in virtually every primary contest, from county commissioner and probate court to state Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

You may think it doesn't matter very much what your county commissioner thinks about abortion, but RTL knows better. It knows its voters play an outsized role in deciding the local races many primary voters ignore, and that anti-abortion candidates who prevail in such races often use their positions as a springboard to higher offices, including the state Legislature and appellate courts, where the stakes for Right to Life are larger.

You can see which candidates Right to Life is grooming for bigger things by checking out

And even if you're among the deluded majority who believe nothing politically important happens in August, you can be sure that RTL's savvy, committed army of anti-abortion voters will be out in force Tuesday.