Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maryland suspends licenses of two abortionists

Health officials in the state of Maryland have ordered two licensed abortionists to stop performing abortions in their state after a woman was severely injured during an abortion procedure. An investigation following the injury discovered the bodies of numerous late-term aborted children. The state of Maryland has also ordered a third abortionist to stop performing abortions in Maryland without a license.
The state Board of Physicians ordered Dr. Steven Brigham to stop practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and suspended the license of Dr. Nicola Riley. Police raided one of Brigham's offices in Elkton looking for medical records, and found dozens of late-term fetuses in a freezer at a clinic.

Riley and Brigham brought an injured 18-year-old woman in a personal vehicle to Union Hospital in Elkton after a failed abortion Aug. 13, according to the board's orders. The woman was then taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where she was found to have a uterine perforation.....

Several days later, the Elkton police department, acting on a warrant for the woman's medical record, found a freezer with about 35 late-term fetuses.