Monday, October 25, 2010

Aborted Fetal Remains Found in Trash With Mothers’ Names On the Bags, Press Conference Planned

Below is a press release from the Citizens for Pro-Life Society. The prolife group discovered the remains of aborted children in trash dumpsters outside Womans Choice abortion clinics in Lansing and Saginaw. They also found patient documents which included the names of women who obtained abortions along with bloody instruments. They are planning a press conference for Wednesday, October 27.

Aborted Fetal Remains Found in Trash
With Mothers’ Names On the Bags.
Michigan Attorney General
Conducts Investigation.
Legislators Call for Legal Reform of Abortion Industry.

Purpose of the Press Conference
This press conference will reveal through photographs and copies of redacted patient documents, scandalous and unethical practices of the Womans Choice clinics, the disturbing fact that the clinic knowingly threw aborted fetal remains into the trash, as well records bearing patient names, contrary to Michigan and federal law, in violation of patient confidentiality. Furthermore, it will be made known that the Woman Care clinics are illegally incorporated in the state of Michigan, in violation of rules that govern the incorporation of medical facilities to ensure patient safety and physician accountability.

The press conference will call for the immediate legal reform of abortion industry practices. State Representative Rick Jones will present legislation introduced in the Michigan State legislature designed to bring an end to illegal and unethical abortion clinic practices—particularly the grisly disposal of the remains of aborted babies in clinic trash.

History of this Case
On October 22, 2010 The Michigan Attorney General, and the Eaton County and Saginaw County Sheriff Departments completed a 7 month-long investigation of the Woman Care abortion clinics located at 6500 Centurion Drive, Ste. 290, Lansing and 3141 S. Cabaret Trail, Ste 400, Saginaw, Michigan—owned by Florida resident Richard Remund.

The investigation was prompted by the February 26, 2010 discovery of the bodies of 17 aborted babies in a trash dumpster used by the Womans Choice Lansing abortion clinic. The 17 “Whirl Paks” were clearly marked with, not only the January dates of the abortion procedures, but also the full names of the women whose unborn children were contained within the plastic specimen packs. The discovery was made by pro-life activist Chris Veneklase after he observed clinic staff, over a series of weeks, tossing large black bags into the commercial dumpster that services the business park where Womans Choice is located. Veneklase became suspicious that the clinic was getting rid of bio-hazardous material. A bio-waste disposal van was never seen serving the facility where abortions are conducted through the 24th week of gestation.

Veneklase immediately contacted Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society who then joined Veneklase in subsequent searches of the Womans Choice dumpster. Miller also organized searches of the dumpster used by Womans Choice sister clinic in Saginaw, MI. These searches continued through March 2010.

Veneklase and Miller discovered bloody surgical material in the clinic trash bags as well as several patient records from both abortion facilities. Patient records bore the names of Drs. Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols—who conduct the abortions at Womans Choice clinics.

Clinic trash contained soiled and bloody suction canulas, bloody gloves, soiled and bloody gauze sacking used in first trimester abortions still holding uterine material, blood saturated surgical sheets and padding as well as empty medicine vials and used urine specimen cups—some marked with the first and last names of the female patients. Everything they found was photographed and documented.....

Funeral Planned for the Aborted Babies

The bodies of the 17 unborn children killed by abortion and retrieved from the trash are currently in an infant coffin at the Borek-Jennings funeral home, Hamburg, Michigan. They will be buried in a publicized funeral ceremony within the next four weeks. In this way the pro-life community hopes to achieve some measure of justice for these victims.

Images of remains of these aborted children can be found online here (warning - these images are graphic).