Friday, January 7, 2011

New home in Saginaw opening for pregnant women who need support

The Saginaw News is featuring an article on the work of Ann Fowler, who is opening a maternity home in Saginaw to help women who need support.
Fowler is the executive director and founder of H.I.S. Restoration Ministries Maternity Home, purchased in October 2009. She and many volunteers are working on the four-unit apartment complex in Saginaw that will serve as a temporary home for up to six expectant mothers....

The other three units will house two women in each and their babies, for a term of about six months, not to exceed nine months, Fowler said. The residence is not a permanent one, rather the goal is to offer a familial place to await the birth for possible adoption, or to help the women get a stable start with their babies.

“We’ll help them find housing and employment,” Fowler said. “We’ll also work with Christian adoption agencies and offer all these services to the community.”