Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abortionist Alberto Hodari will fight to keep Lathrup Village clinic open

A lawyer for Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari has told the Detroit Free Press he will appear in court to fight efforts by Attorney General Bill Schuette and the Michigan Department of Community Health to close down one of his abortion clinics.
Last summer, based on the cost of fire code compliance tied to the license, Hodari decided against renewing. The doctor, whose medical license is separate and valid, applied to have the building grandfathered, as it is older than the codes, but was denied, according to legal filings.

The state, after monitoring Hodari’s practice for several months, found he was in violation of the license law, and the Attorney General’s office filed suit earlier this month. During that time, Hodari tried to submit plans to fix the fire code violation......

Hodari’s attorney said the doctor has gone to great lengths to recruit gynecological patients to keep his abortion services under 51%, and that the state is unfairly imposing itself on the clinic, which has been in the spotlight before for improperly disposing of medical records.