Monday, April 4, 2011

Prolifers in Oakland County open pregnancy resource center in same building as abortion clinic

The Oakland Press recently covered the efforts of prolifers in Oakland County to open Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in the same building as an abortion clinic.
Besides confidential counseling, free infant supplies and adoption referrals, Birth Choice offers free pregnancy tests, childbirth and parenting information and post abortion support. In the next few months, Schupbach said they will also be offering free ultrasounds, and, until then, they will be referring expectant mothers to clinics with free ultrasounds.

“We're just showing them a picture of their baby. We're not telling them if anything is wrong,” said Schupbach. “When they see a picture of the baby, they realize it's a baby.”

Executive Director of Birth Choice Brenda Savage, who has a background in health service administration, legislation and politics, said she is very pleased with how quickly the center has grown and by the support of the Independence Township community.

“So many women feel helpless and hopeless. They don't realize that it's only right here around the corner, and that they're not coming here to be judged. They're coming here to be loved. In doing that, we want to share with these women that they are important, and if they understand that we care about them, it will be easier for them to care about their baby,” said Savage