Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teleseminar today with Phill Kline

Right to Life of Michigan has planned a special Teleseminar for Wednesday, June 29, with Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General. Phill is slated to speak for a General Session at the September Right to Life of Michigan Conference.

Please join us today at 1 p.m.

Phill Kline is known for changing the course of the national abortion debate by placing Planned Parenthood on the defensive (more information below).

Title: Q & A with Phill Kline and Prolife Updates

Time: Wednesday, June 29, at 1 pm Eastern

To attend, visit:

Or call, Wednesday, June 29, at 1 p.m.

Primary dial in number: (616) 712-3139

Conference ID: 662744#

More Information about Phill:

Phill Kline, the prosecutor the abortion industry loves to hate

As a former lawmaker, state attorney general and local prosecutor, Phill Kline has been on the front lines of numerous battles over abortion. In 2005, Planned Parenthood listed him as one of the “Seven Politicians You Don't Want in Your Bedroom."

While he was attorney general of Kansas, Kline investigated Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers for performing illegal late-term abortions and for failing to report statutory rape. Attempts to bring abortion providers to justice likely cost him his job as Kansas’ pro-abortion faction led by former-Governor Kathleen Sebelius and the Kansas Supreme Court worked against his efforts to cast light on the abortion industry. During his time as attorney general of Kansas, Kline discovered that in two years, 166 abortions were performed on girls aged 14 or under, yet abortion clinics had only reported only 2 cases of child rape to the state. In order to prosecute Planned Parenthood and abortionist George Tiller, Kline filed a subpoena for the records which the abortionists fought with a vengeance.

For attempting to prosecute abortionists, Kline has recently had to face an ethics trial for being too prolife. Instead of working to prosecute the numerous times Planned Parenthood and abortionist George Tiller failed to report child rape, the legal establishment in Kansas is more concerned a prolife prosecutor was willing to confront law-breaking abortionists.

All of Kline’s work has not been completely undone as Planned Parenthood still faces a 107 count charge for failing to report child rape, falsifying records and illegal late-term abortions, a charge he filed while prosecutor of Johnson County, Kansas in 2007.

Kline currently serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty University.