Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adult stem cells treat chest pain

Angina is chest pain which individuals experience when parts of their heart muscle don't get enough blood. This pain restricts the mobility of more than 800,000 people in America. New research shows angina patients improved after being injected with their own adult stem cells.
Doctors injected the hearts of 167 patients with severe angina with either low or high-doses of stem cells or a placebo, for the study published in Circulation Research. What did they find? Six months following the experiment, patients treated with stem cells suffered an average of seven angina attacks per week, compared to 11 in the placebo group. After a year, the stem cell patients suffered six attacks per week compared to 11 in the placebo group, and didn't use nitroglycerin as often to quell their chest pains.

Losordo told WebMD the treatment had "life-altering" effects for the stem-cell -treated patients.

"To put it in human terms, patients who might have been able to sit and watch TV without symptoms could now walk at a normal pace without chest pain, and someone who could walk at a slow pace might be able to ride a bike."