Friday, September 9, 2011

Case involving Planned Parenthood's abortion "office" to be decided in 60 days

In 60 days, Circuit Court Judge James Alexander will rule on whether Planned Parenthood will be allowed to turn a building into an abortion clinic. The building in Auburn Hills, Michigan, has a deed restriction which nearby hotel owners want to uphold. The deed restriction says the building can only be used as a restaurant, retail store or office. Planned Parenthood intentionally disguised who it was and its plans to perform abortions when it purchased the building.
Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan is trying to remodel an office building on North Opdyke to hold a clinic that could perform abortions. The clinic site is in front of a hotel, whose owner, Shri Sai-Krishna group, agreed with the previous landowner that the front section could be sold only for use for retail, restaurant or offices.