Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does it make sense for prolife people to vote for pro-abortion candidates?

Paul Stark of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life recently wrote a blog post which responds to some arguments used by prolife people who think they should vote for pro-abortion candidates like President Barack Obama.  It's good article for dealing with excuses about not voting for prolife candidates. Some arguments included are "politicians don't really affect abortion" and "The economic, poverty-reduction, sex education and/or contraception-funding policies of pro-choice candidates would reduce abortions"

With respect to most issues, opposing candidates share the same goals and principles, such as growing the economy, reducing poverty, promoting peace around the world and protecting our national security. They disagree only about the best means of achieving those ends. They disagree on matters of prudence. But with respect to abortion and other right-to-life issues (e.g., euthanasia, embryo-destructive biomedical research), candidates disagree about a matter of fundamental moral principle. Pro-choice candidates seek to exclude an entire class of vulnerable human beings from the moral respect and legal protection that are owed to every member of the human family. Pro-choice candidates deny the very right to life that is the basis for all other rights.