Monday, January 28, 2013

Guest column by Representative Bill Huizenga at MLive

Rep. Bill Huizenga
Over the weekend, posted a guest column by U.S. Representative Bill Huizenga in which he discusses abortion, Roe v. Wade and the HHS Mandate. 
Time magazine's January 14 cover story succinctly stated the facts. "40 Years Ago, Abortion-Rights Activists Won an Epic Victory with Roe. V. Wade: They've Been Losing Ever Since." Last Friday, about half a million Americans, mostly young, were expected to trek to Washington for the annual March for Life.

Sadly, this shift in public opinion has not been reflected in federal policies. Planned Parenthood received a record level of government support ($542 million) according to its own report for fiscal year 2011-2012. In 2011, it performed all-time high 333,964 abortions.