Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Michigan abortionist with checkered history asks Muskegon community if he should attempt to reopen his clinic

On December 26, Muskegon's Fire Prevention Bureau shut down an abortion clinic operated by abortionist Robert Alexander.  While talking with the local media after his clinic was shut down, Alexander said he sought the community's input on whether he should attempt to reopen his abortion clinic.

A fact unbeknownst to many in the community is Robert Alexander has a history of botching abortions, losing his license and failing to abide by state laws.

In March of 2012, Right to Life of Michigan issued a paper regarding the abortion clinic abuses and state regulatory agency failure.  Robert Alexander is mentioned numerous times in that report.

On page 16:
In May 2006, an allegation was filed against abortion doctor Robert Alexander with the Bureau of Health Professions, alleging violations of Michigan.s informed consent law, among other abuses. The allegation included a document that a prolife individual had obtained outside of Alexander.s WomansChoice abortion clinic. The handwritten document was given to patients along with the required informed consent materials that explain fetal development and abortion procedures.

The document states: "The State of Michigan Informed Consent Papers * You need these papers 24 hours before you [sic] appt. * It.s your choice to read these papers or not. Thank you, WomansChoice."30

This document indicates that the abortion clinic tells women they do not have to read the state-mandated informed consent materials, the very materials that provide information about the procedures the women are about to undergo and the risks associated with those procedures.
On page 19:
More recently, in June 2009, a Grand Rapids OB/Gyn filed an allegation against abortion doctor Robert Alexander, alleging gross negligence in attempting an abortion on a woman who was 26 weeks pregnant.38 The OB/Gyn was providing medical care for the woman after she came into the hospital emergency room, still pregnant. When the OB/Gyn followed up with Alexander, Alexander informed him by phone that he had done a "limited ultrasound," but it was difficult to perform the ultrasound due to the patients. obesity. The OB/Gyn states in the allegation that no matter how obese the patient, the physician "should have visualized a viable intrauterine pregnancy." The patient told the OB/Gyn that Alexander.s office had called her multiple times, offering her a refund of the abortion fee, plus $200. The woman did not accept this offer and retained an attorney.
On page 44:
In 1988, a jury trial convicted Alexander of 11 counts of illegal distribution of controlled substances. Alexander served almost two years in a North Dakota prison and was on parole from 1990 to 1996.
Alexander has also flouted Michigan's law which requires abortionists to fill out reports on the abortions they perform.  Michigan 2011's abortion report does not list a single abortion as occurring in Muskegon County despite the presence of Alexander's clinic.  Abortions performed in Muskegon County were also not reported to the state in 2010.