Wednesday, January 30, 2013

U-M Students for Life wins national 2012 group of the year award

As part of the recent Students for Life of America Conference, awards were handed out to various prolife student groups.  University of Michigan Students for Life was awarded the 2012 Group of the Year Award.  From the Students for Life of America website:
This year’s top award goes to a truly remarkable group that has made amazing strides touching hearts, changing minds, saving lives and building a culture of life on their campus and in their community. Students for Life at the University of Michigan has excelled as part of SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus initiative, which they started on their campus this past year. They have raised almost $3,000 for their programs, hosted a week-long pregnancy resource drive, organized a pregnancy resource forum and ran an ad campaign on the school’s bus system which they know saved at least one life.

In addition to all that, the group brought the Genocide Awareness Project to campus, debated the Secular Student Alliance – during which their opponents admitted that a fetus is a baby and no one on their side wants to kill a baby – and set up a Cemetery of the Innocents display. These events have created buzz on a previously apathetic campus, causing some people to think about abortion for the first time and equipping those people with the information they need to choose life.