Friday, April 5, 2013

Abortion clinic employee saw "about 100" infants killed after they were born alive

On Thursday, Stephen Massof testified in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial.  The unlicensed doctor said he saw about 100 infants born alive and then killed by having their spinal cords "snipped" after they survived abortions. 

Massof smiled oddly Thursday as he gave graphic testimony about conditions at the clinic, which he said deteriorated during his five-year tenure. He made only $200 to $300 a week to oversee a high volume of second-trimester patients going through labor — and, often, delivery. He said he saw at least one baby take a breath, and another jerk its leg. Gosnell told his staff that such movements were "spontaneous," Massof said.

Massof estimated that he saw about 100 babies born alive and then "snipped" with surgical scissors in the back of the neck, to ensure their "demise."