Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Obamacare exchanges count the unborn as members of your family

One of the frequent double standards used by those who favor legal abortion is how the unborn child is seen and described.  If the child is wanted, terms like "baby" and "unborn child" are used.  When the child is unwanted or has been aborted, other terms like "clumps of cells" or "product of conception" are put forth to dehumanize the child. 

A prolife blogger searching for health insurance found some Obamacare exchanges feature this same double standard.  During the passage of Obamacare, President Obama opposed efforts to eliminate the subsidizing of abortion in Obamacare but some Obamacare plans are now counting the unborn as people.

While perusing the health care exchange in Connecticut, Family Institute of Connecticut Action blogger Simcha Reuven noticed that Connecticut's Obamacare counts unborn children as members of your household. 

There is one other question on this page listed under “Optional Information”: “For detailed pricing, please provide the optional information below. Is the applicant pregnant?” Next to the question mark after “pregnant” is a black background question mark tool tip. Just wondering what this was about, I placed my mouse over the tool tip and lo-and-behold, the following message appeared:

Select ‘Yes’ for any female who is expecting a baby. Unborn children are counted as members of her household, so this information helps determine if she is eligible for help with health care costs. Medicaid also has rules to help pregnant women.

Read that again. Unborn children—not “fetuses,” “uterine contents,” “products of pregnancy,” “clump of cells,” “blob of tissue,” or any of the other euphemisms frequently used by those who profess to be pro-choice on abortion. Nor is Access Health CT the only Obamacare exchange that uses the term “unborn children.” Massachusetts pioneered the system of a health care exchange, guaranteed issue, an individual mandate, and subsidies for low and moderate income people that became the model for Obamacare. The Massachusetts Health Connector website also refers to “unborn child(ren)”:

 How many people are in your family? (Include unborn child(ren) if someone is pregnant.)

Moreover, a woman can claim the extra family member as soon as she has a confirmed pregnancy—no waiting for a trimester or two. So for the purpose of determining family size for the health care exchanges, Obamacare declares unborn children, even at the earliest stages of life, to be full-fledged persons, so that pregnant women and their families can qualify for increased subsidies and cost-sharing on the exchanges.