Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are abortion restrictions really unreasonable and misogynistic?

Supporters of abortion often claim that abortion clinic health regulations unreasonably restrict access to abortions. At the Life Training Institute Blog, Michigan's Dr. Rich Poupard explains how the same "unreasonable" health regulations impact the service he provides, removing wisdom teeth.

First, every specialist who performs this procedure in Mid-Michigan has admitting privileges at local hospitals.  The medical board that covers these so-called "professionals" actually insist on this, under the reasoning that doctors should be able to handle emergency problems from their surgery patients themselves! This is clearly ridiculous!  Also, offices in which this procedure are routinely performed are expected to adhere to standards similar to outpatient surgery centers, and are accredited every 5 years.  The fact that these procedures cannot be done anywhere by anyone greatly restricts access to medical care for this safe surgery!


If you haven't figured it out, I'm not talking about abortion access.  I'm talking about access to routine third molar surgery.  These "restrictions" that I mention are dealt with every single day by my own patients, in the office where I practice.  Yet the same type of standards, when applied to those adolescents seeking abortion care, are seen as some horrific barrier to care.