Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aborted children from Canada burned for energy in U.S.

A month ago it was reported that the bodies of aborted and miscarried children were being burned to produce energy in the United Kingdom.  Earlier this week, it’s been revealed the same thing is happening in the United States.  A waste-to-power plant in Oregon has been using the remains of children aborted in Canada to create energy.

When local government officials learned of this horror, they ordered the facility to stop burning medical waste from Canada. 

Marion County commissioners have ordered an incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste from British Columbia to generate electricity after learning it includes tissue from aborted fetuses.....

The county has been using the Covanta facility in Brooks, to turn waste into energy for years. The county uses municipal waste from homes and businesses plus medical waste as incinerator fuel to produce power.

An article published in the B.C. Catholic newspaper earlier this week suggested that fetal tissue from British Columbia was included in the medical waste.
Marion County Chair Sam Brentano says if that is the case it cannot be tolerated. He immediately stopped the burning of all medical waste while the county looks into the report. An emergency commission meeting was scheduled for Thursday morning.