Friday, June 12, 2015

Abortionist in northern Indiana surrenders license to operate Gary clinic

Yesterday, abortionist Ulrich “George” Klopfer surrendered his license to operate at his abortion clinic in Gary, Indiana.  The clinic has been closed since May 27, 2015.  On June 25, Klopfer will face a hearing with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board over his medical license which is currently under review.  Klopfer has had various issues including failing to report statutory rape in a timely manner. 

Klopfer will be in front of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board on June 25 for a hearing regarding the status of his medical licenses. His licenses are currently listed as “valid while under review.” The hearing was scheduled after the Indiana attorney general’s office filed an official complaint in September.

According to Nick Goodwin, spokesman for the Professional Licensing Agency, the outcome of Klopfer’s medical licensing hearing could range from no sanction to a letter of reprimand, to a fine, to the license being placed on probation, suspension or revoked.

Klopfer also has a court date set for July 13 in misdemeanor court in Lake County for failing to file a timely report of a terminated pregnancy he provided to a girl younger than the age of 14. He was charged with the same misdemeanor in St. Joseph County, but was granted pretrial diversion in December, with charges dismissed within a year if he abides by terms of the program.