Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Courts tell Center for Medical Progress to not release certain footage, videos featuring Planned Parenthood still being released

In the wake of the Center for Medical Progress videos featuring Planned Parenthood’s practice of trafficking in fetal body parts, other organizations who were caught in the undercover videos have sued to keep that footage from being released.  They clearly want to hide this footage from the public. 

StemExpress is a company which buys fetal parts from Planned Parenthood in California.  According to an interview with CNN, the Center for Medical Progress’ David Daleiden was able to have a lunch meeting with executives from StemExpress and during that meeting the StemExpress executives discussed obtaining intact aborted children. 

StemExpress filed suit in to prevent the Center for Medical Progress from releasing that footage.  The Los Angeles Superior Court issued a restraining order that prevents them from releasing the footage from that meeting until the scheduled August 19 hearing. 

The Center for Medical Progress was also able to attend conferences of National Abortion Federation (NAF), an association of abortion providers, and have discussion with executives from the organization.  In order to prevent that footage from being released, NAF filed suit in San Francisco and recently obtained a temporary restraining order which prevents the Center for Medical Progress from releasing footage which was shot at their conferences until a hearing on August 27. 

The judge in that case, Judge William Orrick, is a big donor to President Obama and his wife is an abortion advocate. 

This lawsuits do not prevent the Center for Medical Progress from releasing videos shot inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.