Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grand Rapids abortionist arrested for being disorderly person, third arrest in less than 5 years

Thomas Gordon

Longtime Grand Rapids-based abortionist Thomas Gordon was arrested on January 13, 2016.  Gordon runs Heritage Clinic for Women, the main abortion clinic in Grand Rapids.  Gordon has been an abortionist for decades and has performed tens of thousands of abortions.

Information at the Kent County Inmate Lookup includes Gordon’s mugshot along with the charge description of “DISORDERLY PERSON - FIGHTING/JOSTLING.”

Local sidewalk counselors wondered why Gordon wasn’t showing up at the clinic and they eventually discovered he had been arrested and spent time in jail.  It appears he was released on January 17.

Further research finds that Gordon was previously arrested at least twice more in recent years.  Once in February 22, 2015.  Here's his mugshot from that arrest.

He also pled guilty to domestic violence and possessing a firearm under the influence in 2012 from an incident which occurred in November 2011.  He received a year probation at the time.