Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Treating the U.S. Treasury as a political slush fund

Yesterday BuzzFeed News reported that several large political organizations are helping several Parkland students organize for political events in the wake of the shooting there.

One of those groups is Planned Parenthood.

Right to Life of Michigan doesn't have a position on guns, and a great many other otherwise important issues. That's because those issues have nothing to do with our issues: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia. They are not a part of our mission.

Right to Life of Michigan does not receive $500 million tax dollars every year, either. And why would we? We're an organization heavily involved in politics and policy (and education). It would be strange if our legislative office was using tax dollars to lobby legislators, perverse even.

Planned Parenthood has no such qualms. Their original mission was population control through encouraging use of birth control. At least abortion relates to that mission. In the last several months Planned Parenthood has abandoned their mission statement as the leader of the "reproductive rights movement" and has engaged on issues that are entirely unrelated to their mission.

What does gun control have to do with birth control? How does tax policy impact abortion? Where does immigration fit into all of this?

Meanwhile, all the stuff they routinely tout as their true activities like mammograms (which they don't provide) and birth control are in decline as their clients and health services drop.

Planned Parenthood maintains the fiction that they are integral to the health care system when citizens complain that this highly political organization has received billions in tax dollars over the years. The media is happy to assist them in their endeavors, seemingly always failing to hold them accountable.

But where you spend your resources shows everyone what kind of person you truly are.

Planned Parenthood's heart lies in two places: the abortion clinic pathology lab, where the broken body parts of an unborn child are crudely reassembled to make sure the abortion was completely properly, and the U.S. Capitol building.

The U.S. Treasury should be used for the general welfare, not abused by greasing the skids of government through lobbyists and campaign contributions, and certainly not for taking the life of innocent human beings.