Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Could HHS mandate turn into an abortion mandate?

Since the beginning of the HHS Mandate, prolife groups have pointed out the power to compel people to pay for contraceptives against their beliefs can also apply to abortion. A recent editorial in USA Today notes that the Obama Administration has argued that it has the power to compel people to pay for abortions against their will through insurance plans. This is a reason why the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law was necessary.

During a recent Supreme Court argument over the Affordable Care Act's contraceptives mandate, Justice Anthony Kennedy cut to the heart of the government's argument. "Under your view," he told Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, "a for-profit corporation could be forced to pay for abortions." After some verbal fumbling, Verrilli conceded: "you're right." But, he quickly added, there is nothing to fear because there "is no law like that on the books."

Not yet.