Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Help RLM's lifesaving efforts and double your donation!

by Jessi Engelsma, Education & Events Coordinator

What does Right to Life of Michigan do?

Before I started working at RLM in the summer I asked this same question. I knew that RLM worked in the prolife movement but I didn’t know about all the work they do. Now I’m here to explain that to you. 

Right to Life of Michigan works to protect the precious gift of life from fertilization to natural death. We have four life issues that we work tirelessly on: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide. How do we go about this? Through education, legislation, and political action, and helping our volunteers with motivation and encouragement. Let me explain.

Right to Life of Michigan works hard to make sure that all of our affiliates have the resources they need to educate their communities about these important life issues. We also use many different forms of social media to reach people and highlight important news articles, new studies, and other prolife updates. Our compassion project ads on TV are another way we reach people and share stories of prolife women. 

Through benefit dinners with engaging speakers and providing support to our affiliates so they can put on different events throughout the year, we motivate the people of Michigan to action. In order for abortion to end, we need Michigan to be committed to preserving life. We also have an action page on our website where people can go to see what can be done NOW to end abortion.

Working in the prolife movement can become disheartening since so many times it seems like we are losing the battle. However, at RLM we work to encourage and show people that we are winning the fight. Millennials like me are the prolife generation and polls are showing that teenagers are more prolife than their predecessors. We are initiating change in our society and every action makes a difference, no matter how small. We also encourage community members to participate in prolife events whether it is a walk for life, a memorial for the unborn, or even a golf outing. Showing support for the prolife movement and engaging with the community is vital for us!

Finally, RLM works diligently in creating new legislation and works hard at passing ongoing legislation. We have a legislative office in Lansing that is dedicated specifically to legislation and our efforts in this area are being rewarded. These advances are made possible by the many prolife people who turn out at the polls to elect prolife candidates.

So why am I telling you this? Without your support, we can’t perform all these tasks. We wouldn’t be able to tell the public that every day 75 babies are being aborted in Michigan alone. Abortion survivors like Melissa Ohden wouldn’t be able to tell their stories to a captive audience. Prolife citizens wouldn’t be aware of events occurring in their towns.

Right now we have a matching gift for all online donations to the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund until the end of the year. These donations are tax deductible and support important educational efforts. We need your support to continue working in the prolife movement to protect women and promote the unborn’s special value of life.