Thursday, March 26, 2009

Embryonic stem cell researcher Eva Feldman is still misleading people regarding Michigan’s laws

Laura Berman’s March 26, 2009, column in the Detroit News profiles Eva Feldman, an embryonic stem cell researcher who recently returned to Michigan. Even after the passage of Proposal 2, which legalized unregulated and unrestricted research on living human embryos, advocates of killing human embryos for research like Feldman still can’t honestly describe Michigan’s law which formerly prevented non-therapeutic research on human embryos.

"It's frustrating when people say that this research hasn't produced a cure when, until now, I haven't been able to do one experiment in my own Michigan laboratory," says Feldman.

The only experiments Feldman was restricted from doing in Michigan prior to the passage of Proposal 2 were killing human embryos for research and attempting to create cloned human embryos. Since the passage of Proposal 2, she is now allowed to kill human embryos for research. She was in no way prevented from doing experiments on embryonic stem cells.