Monday, May 3, 2010

University of Michigan Researcher Eva Feldman Lies about Research and Proposal 2

University of Michigan Researcher Eva Feldman was featured in two Crain’s Detroit Business articles. The main article discusses how she hopes to expand her ALS research into research on patients with Alzheimer’s. In the other article she falsely claims to reporter Ryan Beene that the reason she got the stem cells she uses in her research from the Maryland-based Neuralstem is because “the ban on research in Michigan before the 2008 passage of Proposal 2.”

This is completely untrue. Eva Feldman is doing research on ALS patients using cells derived from the spinal cord of an aborted child as page 1 of the patient consent form used in her work at the Emory School of Medicine clearly indicates.

Proposal 2 did nothing to legalize research on cells obtained from tissue of aborted children. It legalized research on and the killing of human embryos created for fertility treatments and who are no older than 14 days old. Feldman’s comments show the length some University of Michigan researchers will go to in attempts to deceive the media and the public. Even after Proposal 2 passed they still feel like they need to lie about what Proposal 2 did and what research was legal in Michigan before Proposal 2.

Unfortunately, reporter Ryan Beene failed to fact check any of Feldman’s claims.