Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michigan abortionist being sued for forced abortion

Notorious Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari is being sued by Caitlin Bruce, a former patient who claims he didn't stop performing an abortion when she asked him to.
Caitlin describes what happened at Flint’s Feminine Health Care Clinic on Saginaw Road as terror. She says Dr. Abraham A. Hodari forced on her an abortion she decided she did not want after seeing the ultrasound image of her unborn baby.

“He was inserting the speculum, and I told him I’m nervous. I just told him stop please,” she says. “I'm really nervous and I don't want to do this anymore.”

“When she said stop, it was too late,” Dr. Hodari told NBC25 on the phone while on a trip in Italy.

He admits he had an assistant then hold his patient down.
Hodari claims he had to continue the abortion but other doctors disagree.
Dr. Mona Hardas, M.D., a Flint obstetrician and gynecologist says when a patient asks a doctor to stop treatment, a doctor has to respect that request.

“Even if someone has signed a consent form, if someone wants you to stop you have to stop,” says Dr. Hardas.

She says in such a situation she would pause and calm her patient with empathy, not force. She would then explain what options are available to the patient.

For example Dr. Hardas says Dr. Hodari could have offered Bruce the opportunity to be transported to the emergency room for an exam and a second opinion as to whether the fetus could be saved.

“I am shocked,” said Dr. Hardas. “I can’t believe this is still happening in this day and age.”


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