Monday, August 30, 2010

Jack Kevorkian gets applauded at Emmy Awards

On Sunday night, Al Pacino won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Jack Kevorkian in the HBO film, "You Don't Know Jack." During his acceptance speech Pacino praised Kevorkian, a man who assisted in the suicides of more than 100 people, by calling him "brilliant and interesting and unique."

During Pacino's speech, Kevorkian stood up and received some applause from the audience.

Kevorkian was released from jail in 2007 after spending 8 years prison for the murder of Thomas Youk.
Al Pacino was honored as best lead actor in a miniseries or movie for "You Don't Know Jack," about euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was in the audience and stood, smiling, at Pacino's request. The controversial physician received scattered applause.