Thursday, October 14, 2010

Komen Foundation affilates gave nearly $750,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2009

John Hammarley, a spokesman for the Komen Foundation, recently admitted that Komen Foundation gave nearly 3/4 of a million dollars to Planned Parenthood affiliates in 2009. This money adds to the millions of dollars that Komen affiliates had already given to Planned Parenthood affiliates in recent years.

From 2004-2009 Komen affiliates contributed about $3.3 million to programs sponsored by Planned Parenthood and in FY 2009, $731,303. “That $731,303 is less than one percent of the entire amount of community grant funding that affiliates around the country contribute,” Hammarley said.*

But to people like Bordlee, the amount is insignificant. It is the principle of it. “No matter whether they are giving $500,000 a year to Planned Parenthood, or $5, people who respect the dignity of human life and are trying to save people with disease don’t want any part of their money going to an organization that is subsidizing an abortion provider,” she said.