Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adult stem cells successfully treat enlarged hearts

A study by doctors at the University of Miami has found that when adult stem cells are injected into the hearts of patients suffering from enlarged hearts, they can help significantly reduce heart size.
Robert Boyce enjoys fishing again after three heart attacks forced him to give it up. Then he joined a study at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine, and in May 2009 had his own stem cells injected into his damaged heart.

"Since the procedure, physically I feel better. I breathe a lot better. I do have a little more stamina than I had," said Robert Boyce a patient.

He is one of eight heart failure patients in a UM trial published in Circulation Research: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Among the findings: all eight patients had a positive response, heart size decreased 15 to 20 percent, scar tissue decreased 18 percent.