Monday, May 16, 2011

Deed restriction should prevent abortions at new Planned Parenthood facility

On May 14, the Oakland Press reported that a building in Auburn Hills which Planned Parenthood is planning on using has a deed restriction that should hopefully prevent the facility from becoming an abortion clinic.
Planned Parenthood, a family reproductive health care provider, is renovating a building on 1625 Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills for its services, but the deed restriction for the property states it “can only be used for restaurant, retail or office usage.”

If Planned Parenthood performs abortions, this is a medical use and is prohibited by the deed restriction.

Planned Parenthood is meeting with opposition from the neighboring hotel, which owns the property. The owners of the hotel agreed not to take the case to court if Planned Parenthood agrees not to perform abortions......

The owners were told a medical office would be built on the property.

“Without knowing exactly what was going on, the couple said, a medical office didn’t sound like a problem. They gave them permission to open the medical office. Of course, it turns out it was Planned Parenthood. Now it’s an issue,” Miller said.