Monday, August 1, 2011

European clinical trial will see if adult stem cells can successfully treat MS

Later this year, European researchers will begin injecting multiple sclerosis patients with their own adult stem cells in the hope that these cells will repair damaged cause by the disease. They plan on enrolling 150 patients in this phase II clinical trial.
Dr Paolo Muraro from Imperial College London said: "There is very strong pre-clinical evidence that stem cells might be an effective treatment."

Researchers will collect stem cells from the bone marrow of patients, grow them in the laboratory and then re-inject them into their blood.

The stem cells will make their way to the brain where it is hoped that they will repair the damage caused by MS......

The international team will begin so-called phase two clinical trials in six months' time designed to determine whether the treatment is safe and effective.

It will take five years to carry out and assess the results of the trials after which large phase three trials may be required.