Tuesday, October 4, 2011

University of Michigan Students for Life group brings display of abortion images to campus

This week, students at the University of Michigan are going to get a chance to see what abortion does to unborn children. The University of Michigan Students for Life is hosting a display by the Genocide Awareness Project which displays images of aborted children alongside victims of the Holocaust and the genocide in Darfur.
LSA junior Carmen Allen, president of Students for Life, said the organization asked the Genocide Awareness Project to come to campus because many students here aren't concerned about abortions.

"I think that the University of Michigan is the subject of a lot of apathy on campus that we have labeled tolerance," Allen said. "I think that abortion is an issue that has really fallen under that apathy. The only thing that can really shake up this campus is to see what's going on through the graphic image."


The campus group also had a booth on the Diag yesterday dispensing information for women who may be considering abortion and set up a "Free Speech" board on which students could write their opinions about various issues.