Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank you for helping Michigan teens

Parents of teenagers know that having a conversation about life doesn't always go as planned. As much as we want to be there for our kids, nieces or nephews to help with answers to questions, we may not have the opportunity.

We at Right to Life of Michigan care about teens. The life issue has an impact on every age group, but teens especially need educational material addressing relationship issues, pregnancy and the realities of abortion. Our goal is to reach teens before a crisis to inspire self-respect and instill a dignity for all human life.

We are able to reach thousands of teens each month by participating with a Google Ad Word Campaign. Teens who search for life information are directed to www.teenbreaks.com.

In the area of abortion, our results have been successful because of your help. Fewer teens are having abortions. The Michigan Department of Community Health reports:

  • In 1985, teens in Michigan had 12,666 abortions
  • In 2009, teens in Michigan had 4,105 abortions

For many, the teen years are drama filled. Sometimes it is during a flood of emotion that a teenager reaches out for information. Other times, a student is working on a school report and is in need of prolife facts. No matter the prompt, we are here to help.

We have found reaching teens online works. By partnering with www.teenbreaks.com, Right to Life of Michigan is able to reach teens with a positive prolife message. We are hearing testimonies from Michigan teens that teenbreaks.com has indeed made a positive impact for life.