Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ACTION ITEM: Call Now - U.S. senators to vote March 1 on prolife Blunt Amendment

Phone calls to U.S. senators are urgently needed in support of a vital prolife amendment, the Blunt Amendment, on which the U.S. Senate will vote on Thursday, March 1.

The amendment has been offered by prolife Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) and is strongly supported by the National Right to Life Committee and Right to Life of Michigan. The text of the Blunt Amendment is taken from the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act (S. 1467, H.R. 1179). It would amend Obama's health care law to prevent the imposition of regulatory mandates which violate the religious or moral convictions of those who purchase or provide health insurance, such as the recent decree that virtually all employers, including religiously affiliated hospitals and schools, must purchase health insurance plans that cover all government-approved methods of birth control.

This debate is not limited to the specific parameters of the birth control mandate. The exact same statutory authority could be used by the Administration to mandate that all health plans pay for elective abortion on demand.

Contact Senator Carl Levin and Senator Debbie Stabenow today. The simple message is: "Please protect my conscience rights by supporting the Blunt Amendment, No. 1520, to the highway bill, S. 1813."

Senator Carl Levin (D)
Phone: (202) 224-6221
Web Site for online comment:

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D)
Phone: (202) 224-4822
Web Site for online comment:

Special Note:
While Senator Levin and Senator Stabenow have pro-abortion records, it is still important for us as their constituents to share our desires. Please contact both senators regarding this important issue. Use this opportunity to get others involved. The mere controversy over public policy proposals can change public sentiment. Legislation impacts our lives and our senators need to know where we stand.