Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hillsdale College student given prolife award

Laura Wegmann, a senior art major at Hillsdale College, was recently awarded a Young Leader Award by the Susan B. Anthony List for her prolife work.
This semester, Wegmann is promoting a program for the Indiana Right to Life. Called "Friends For Life," the training course is directed towards teaching college-age students how to articulately defend the pro-life message, and effectively refute pro-abortion rhetoric.

Wegmann wants to turn her involvement into a career in the pro-life movement, primarily helping them with their marketing and advertising.

"I hope to help work on their aesthetics," she said. "If we fail to package the message appropriately, we lose an audience."

While she appreciates how energetic members of the movement are, she believes they have fallen short in presenting the pro-abortion case in a winsome manner.

"I'd like to use my aesthetic sense and my art major to help," she said. "The question is not if the movement ought to be judged by packaging; that is beside the point. They are being judged in that way, so it does a disservice to the truth if we don't present it in the best light."