Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planned Parenthood plans to open new clinic in Ferndale

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press describes Planned Parenthood's plan to open a new clinic in Ferndale, Michigan. According to the article, Planned Parenthood won't provide abortions at this clinic. However, all Planned Parenthood clinics which don't provide abortion refer women for abortions at other clinics.

Planned Parenthood also has plans to open an abortion clinic which in Auburn Hills but a court battle is being fought over that clinic.
The new clinic, Planned Parenthood's first in Oakland County, will open April 2 and start seeing patients April 4. It's located at 23338 Woodward Ave., the old PrimeCare building.

At the Ferndale City Council meeting Monday, clinic officials introduced themselves and gave a short presentation about their decision to build in Ferndale. Rather than wait on the outcome of a yearlong legal battle to open their clinic in Auburn Hills, Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Lamerand said they chose Ferndale because it was at the center of where they saw the most need in Oakland and Wayne Counties.