Friday, March 23, 2012

Review of prolife movie October Baby in Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press has a review of the prolife film "October Baby" by Bill Goodykoontz of the Gannett News Service.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so the saying goes.

The makers of "October Baby" wisely took that saying to heart. There are few issues more bitterly divisive than abortion, and "October Baby" is a faith-based movie that resides staunchly in the pro-life camp. Yet directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, who also contributed to the story, rarely let their film get didactic.....

Then the bombshell drops. Jacob has looked at Hannah's diaries and learned that she has had suicidal thoughts. With the help of the family doctor, he explains to his daughter that she was adopted -- and that she's the survivor of an attempted abortion. Hannah immediately feels betrayed, angry and confused. Her friend Jason (Jason Burkey) is planning a spring-break road trip with friends and invites Hannah along for the ride. She accepts, hoping to find her birth mother on the trip.