Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother shares story of her daughter with special needs at RLM affiliate dinner

The Daily Telegram highlighted Lenawee County Right to Life's annual benefit dinner. The dinner featured speaker Ellen Salter whose daughter, Meghan, has special needs.
Meghan spent the first two years of her life in the hospital — the first five weeks on life support. Even now, she cannot breathe without a respirator and is fed with a feeding tube.

"She cannot hold a doll, she will never go to school. Though she can't move her body, this does not mean Meghan is less of a human being. She has a soul," Salter said. "Souls can never be destroyed......"

"She knows how to love. Meghan has a heart of gold. She is a pure joy for us," Salter said. "She may not look perfect to you or to anyone else, but she is not disposable. She has tremendous value, as witnessed to all who lay their eyes on her."