Friday, December 14, 2012

Prolife Bus heading to Governor Snyder's desk

Late last night, the Michigan House voted 72-35 to concur with changes made in the Michigan Senate.  The bill now heads to Governor Snyder for his signature.

Referring to pictures that he said he saw of the 17 fetal remains from the abortion clinic in 2010, he said: “I saw these aborted babies, they were little human beings. If (critics of the bill) want to call them medical waste that’s their prerogative… I saw very vivid pictures of babies.”

Ed Rivet, legislative director for Right to Life Michigan, said opponents of the bill intentionally misinterpreted its language to confuse the issue.

He said the intent of the law was not to shame women out of abortions through a conversation about the fetus. Rather it was about simply making sure fetuses — whether from an abortion or a stillbirth — were handled properly, he said.

“Look, they can’t be thrown in the trash,” he said.