Monday, March 25, 2013

Pro-abortion state representatives introduce bill to stop minors from tanning at salons

My body, my choice.  Who decides? Only women can decide what's best for them.  This decision should be left to a woman and her doctor.   

Sound familiar?  These are slogans abortion advocates use every day.  Abortion advocates claim they believe all women should be allowed to choose whether to have an abortion and have unfettered access to abortion.  They oppose abortion clinic regulations. They even oppose laws which require minors to receive a parent's consent before having an abortion.
While they believe women and female children should have an absolute right to bodily autonomy and abortion, a group of pro-abortion state representatives in Michigan have plans to restrict the rights of minors when it comes to their bodies and their choices.

Her right to abortion?  Oh no.  That's a choice. 

They want to restrict her right to tan.

Representative Jim Townsend has introduced HB 4405, a bill which would make it illegal for a tanning facility to allow a minor to use a tanning device.

During a press conference Townsend came out strongly in favor of restricting the tanning choices of young men and women:
"This is about saving lives, this is about empowering young women in particular to do what's best for them to protect themselves from a dangerous carcinogen,"
What happened to "her body, her choice?" What happened to her being able to decide what's best for her?

Michigan's current law requires tanning facilities to obtain the permission of a minor's parent or guardian before allowing a minor use a tan device. 

The bill is co-sponsored by Reps.  Jim Townsend, Marcia Hovey-Wright, Dian Slavens, Adam Zemke and Ellen Lipton.  All of these representatives were endorsed by Planned Parenthood in the 2012 election. 

All of these representatives think it should be illegal for a minor to tan at a tanning facility with parental permission while at the same time believing a minor should have unrestricted access to abortion.