Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MLive covers Save the 1 press conference

Jonathan Oosting/MLive.com
MLive covered the press conference today featuring survivors of rape and individuals conceived as a result of rape from the prolife organization Save the 1.  They expressed support for the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out legislation to make sure their own tax dollars and insurance premiums are not paying for elective abortions.

"No child deserves to be punished for the crimes of their father," said Rebecca Kiessling, a Rochester Hills resident who heads Save the 1, a national group that advocates for anti-abortion policies without exceptions.

Kiessling told reporters that she was conceived when her birth mother was abducted at gunpoint by a serial rapist. Her biological mother considered a "back alley" abortion, she said, but backed out because it was illegal at the time.

"I was protected by Michigan legislators who recognized that mine was a life worth saving," said Kiessling. "I owe my life to those laws."