Thursday, February 27, 2014

Abandoned baby saved in Houston

Carlos Michel, a maintenance worker in Houston, Texas recently saved the life of a child who was abandoned in a dumpster. 

Every morning, each maintenance worker at the complex is assigned to pick up trash in a certain area. It happened to be Michel's morning to clean near building 25. He first heard the newborn's whimpers as he dumped the contents of a bucket into the big bin.

He said he used the bucket as a stool and peered into the dumpster, scanning the pizza boxes, soda bottles and fast-food containers before he identified the bag from which the sounds were coming. As he pulled the bag out, Michel noticed the outline of the baby. The child was upside down.

As soon as he rescued the boy from the trash bag, Michel took off his gray work shirt and swaddled the newborn in it. The baby's dark hair was wet and sticky, possibly with placenta, and his body was cold.

Michel brought the child to his chest, rubbing the baby's back, trying to use his own body heat to warm the boy.


To prevent newborns from being left to die, the Michigan legislature passed a Safe Haven law in 2000 so newborns could be safely surrendered.  The following PSA video discusses Michigan’s Safe Haven law.