Friday, February 21, 2014

Abortion rate falls in New York City, still very high

The good news is New York City's abortion rate is falling. The bad news is it's still appallingly high, 37% of all pregnancies in the city end in abortion, and the rate is 61% of pregnancies of black women. In 2012 73,815 unborn children lost their lives there, making it the leading cause of death of the entire state of New York, and more than every other death in New York City combined (51 thousand in 2011).

Of 197,046 viable pregnancies, 73,815, or about 37 percent, ended in “induced terminations” in 2012, a new city Health Department report reveals.

The abortion rate dropped 8.6 percent from 2011, and it has fallen 19 percent since 2003 and 22 percent since 2000, according to the analysis.

The city’s abortion rate is still double the national average, but opponents of abortion applauded the substantial reductions.